How To Become An Inbound Marketing Manager

inbound marketing manager

An inbound marketing manager (we can also call him a marketing project manager or digital marketing manager) defines and implements a strategy for acquiring traffic on the web. These actions are intended to acquire more potential customers (known as leads), allowing a company to increase its turnover. But, becoming an inbound marketing manager cannot be improvised, and you must choose your training carefully.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Unlike the outbound marketing manager, the inbound project manager does not seek out clients. Its role is to attract them. For this, he will put in place a specific policy after having analyzed the different needs and the positioning of the organization of the company for which he works. Thus, He will define a customer acquisition strategy and identify the different customer targets.
Inbound marketing is all about creating content that attracts people effectively. It is a methodology that aims to accelerate the growth of the company. To do this, he will establish relationships with potential consumers and customers. He must then find solutions so customers feel valued and assisted throughout the journey. The inbound methodology revolves around three steps: attract (the manager must then capture attention), interact (respond to requests), and retain (help customers so that they get the most out of their purchase).
Inbound marketing is at the service of business growth. This methodology is based on CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), customer service, sales, and marketing software. The manager in this area must know how to combine these tools for optimal results and quality growth. Obviously, having more customers increases the turnover and, therefore, will develop this growth. This will make it possible to expand the business and strengthen the business. Improving the company’s finances calls on an expert in inbound marketing.
To sum up, the inbound marketing manager will increase the visibility of a company but also of a particular service or product. Its objective is to create a showcase that will attract new customers, offer them new products, and retain them as much as possible.

What Are The Primary Missions of The Inbound Marketing Manager?

To achieve these different approaches, the manager must carry out several missions.

Animate and update digital platforms.

Supporting the different platforms of the company for which the manager works. It must, therefore, regularly offer new products. He will thus intervene on the blog, the site, or the social networks to make them live. He must also, therefore, master the different fundamentals of conversations. He must participate in the online presence of the company he works for. His position is then closer to that of community manager. Their work is very similar, even if the professional only supports social networks for community management, which differs from the case with the inbound marketing manager. The latter can work with the community manager or “take his place.” They can jointly create targeted content for social networks. Even though these two positions are very similar, the objective of lead generation (not to mention the return on investment) remains different. The role of the community manager will be limited to building an audience. This is different for the inbound manager, who will, for example, have to put solid calls to action to collect the information necessary to pursue relations with prospects.

The manager will also be able to set up increasingly popular tools such as the chatbot, surveys, monitoring of social networks (this is part of the loyalty strategy)…

Set up an editorial strategy.

He has an essential role in the construction of the editorial strategy and will then participate in creating content with high-added value. He will intervene to imagine emailing campaigns, white papers, videos, or even infographics. This professional must also know how to promote a brand on social networks. He will still be able to create thematic groups and pillar pages. Therefore, a better understanding of how search engines work is essential to increase the reach of different content.

Manage and coordinate acquisition levers.

Another mission of the inbound marketing manager: must take charge of everything related to SEO, SEA, and Social Ads. To generate the arrival of new leads to the sales team, the inbound manager must define and use all the means available.

Connect with potential customers.

This is the ultimate goal of the inbound marketing manager. He will then have to use the principles of lead nurturing to establish lasting relationships with various prospects and customers. Above all, it will define the buying process for these and the valuable content at each stage. He will then be able to define the various marketing actions and create relevant content.

These links will also make it possible to develop customer marketing, which has become essential. The customers will play a significant role in “advertising.” Therefore, listening to them and creating effective interactions will be necessary not to lose these customers over time.

The interaction strategy is, therefore, at the heart of this mission. It concerns, among other things, the management of commercial calls (for example, teaching salespeople how to answer) and the sale of solutions in the event of problems so that the customer and the company find an advantageous outcome.

Implement a marketing automation strategy.

His role will then be to create the various workflows, generate the sending of automated newsletters, etc.

Analyze performance (KPIs)

He will then have to follow the conversion of the various actions that will have been implemented. The analysis of the conversion rate has an important place in the missions of the manager. This mission will help to support the deployment of the various marketing strategies put in place and promotion or lead nurturing. Understanding the results of these analyses is essential and is a large part of the manager’s mission. In the long term, this will allow him to optimize his actions and set up more effective conversion paths while remembering to calculate the conversion rate.

He can, as such, carry out the implementation of reports, manage budgets, and retro-planning.

Training To Become an Inbound Marketing Manager

Before even considering training to become an inbound marketing manager, it is essential to present different skills. It will therefore be necessary to master the tools of digital marketing. The student must therefore know how to use marketing automation software such as, for example, Pardot, Hubspot… He must also know and master the various acquisition levers such as CRM, SEA, and RTB… He must also have web writing and analytical skills. It will also be essential to master commercial and technical English.

What Is The Inbound Marketing Manager’s Salary?

This digital professional is highly sought after by companies, whether young or old. Different companies can call on this professional. He can thus practice in companies dedicated to consulting or management. Other sectors can have recourse to this expert, such as, for example, mass distribution, banks, the finance sector… Development prospects can lead the inbound marketing manager to create his own company.

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