Is Learning to Drive a Manual Car Worth It?


Driving a car can be a hard art to master, but not impossible. If you are in confusion about which car to start your journey as a driver, you are at the right place. These days with the advancement in technology, we have seen many categories in vehicles. From manual gear shifts to automatic and now self-driving cars, the automobile industry is leaping.

If you aspire to get your driving license and drive both cars, manual and automatic, you should first pass your g1 written test. It consists of forty MCQs out of which twenty are related to the signs on the road and the remaining twenty to the rules on the road. After you pass it, the G1 permit will be valid for five years.

Many of you are maybe thinking about why to learn to drive a manual car when you don’t have to because of the automatic cars. But, is it the best practice to do? Certainly not! You will always be an advantage if you learn to drive a manual car.

Yes, learning to drive a manual car is worth it. Driving to learn a manual can automatically make you the best fit for automatic cars. Here we have listed the reasons why to learn manual car:

1) It is Fun To Learn Manual 

When learning a manual car, you will be in charge of the car and this brings up so much adrenaline. The manual shifting of gears feels like a whole nother level. You will feel like you are driving a car only if you learn to use the stick manually.

2) Some Savings 

A new car that has a manual transmission costs less to purchase by around $1,200. The same was confirmed when we looked at several popular new manual-transmission automobiles and discovered that their list costs were at least $1,000 lower than automatic ones.

3) You can Transfer the Skills 

When operating the left and right foot controls on a motorcycle or ATV, which has both left- and right-foot controls, some of the strategies you employ when driving a manual vehicle specifically, using your left foot on the clutch and your right foot on the accelerator and brake will be helpful.

4) Very fewer chances of Distraction

Since you use all the parts of your body ranging from hand to leg, the chances of getting distracted while driving a manual car are very less. This can save you from accidents also.

5) Its Handy and Manual Cars are still preferred

You never know when you should be driving a car in case of emergencies and it is unlikely the car will always be automatic. So, learning to drive a manual car will also come in handy in extreme situations.

6) Gas Mileage Advantage

The EPA claims that this is not the case anymore, but tests revealed that some manuals though not all had greater fuel efficiency. Using a manual car will still increase your gas mileage. You can put the vehicle in neutral, and then apply the brakes to come to a halt.

So, now you can choose a car wisely and learn to drive. But, you should learn to drive a manual car instead of an automatic one.

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