More Range In Link Building – Successful Link Building According To New Standards


Link building is the magic word for increasing the range or achieving better ranking results, especially with the Google search engine. But why is link building so important? And what can the website operator do to gain a better range? However, it must also be made clear that link building alone is not decisive for the best position in the search engine ranking. A perfect off-page optimization also contributes significantly to the better reach of your web portal.

What Is Link Building Anyway?

Link building is an important but not the only part of search engine optimization, also called SEO for short. Link building means collecting external links to your website. But it is not the mass of incoming links that are decisive for better visibility of the portal. Rather, it depends on the page from which these links refer to your page. A decision must be made between good and inferior links. Depending on the importance and weighting of the website from which a link points to your page, this has advantages or disadvantages in terms of your page rating in the well-known search engines. It is also important to distinguish between cross-references within a hypertext to other sub-pages of your own and outgoing links. The problem with link building, i.e. link building, is that it must be constantly adapted to the new requirements of the search engine operators. Being up-to-date regarding link building is an absolute priority for SEO specialists. The goal is to continue getting as many good incoming backlinks as possible to your site.

What Is A Good Link?

In general, many good backlinks increase the visibility of the linked page in the search engines. Websites used to be measured by PageRank. This could, however, be strongly by z. B. An inadmissible link purchase can be manipulated. Thanks to this concept, even websites with bad content ranked high in search engine rankings. Google has tried to end these machinations with various updates, such as the Penguin update. Anyone who operates excessively manipulated link building will be penalized by Google. The quality of the content is, therefore, more important these days. Two new measurements are crucial for assessing the quality of a website. Firstly, the TrustRank. And the other is the Hilltop algorithm.

While the TrustRank evaluates websites from which the backlinks go to your portal, the Hilltop algorithm deals with links from expert websites plus a specific keyword. The speed at which a link is built is also of crucial importance. The disproportionately fast increase in backlinks on new websites, in particular, can lead to so-called penalties by Google.

Successful Lnk Building Today

For successful link building, website operators must find a healthy balance between link and domain popularity. Because search engines today evaluate the quantity and quality of incoming links, there must be a balance between link and domain popularity. To assess the quality, so-called web crawler programs analyze the link juice or the link power of the individual links or websites. However, care must be taken to keep the link flow within bounds because the link power of a single backlink loses as the number of links to other sites increases. It practically loses its effectiveness the more it refers to other sites.


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