JavaScript Trends 2024 – 7 Cutting Edge Trends


In 2020, JavaScript was one of the most popular programming languages ​​ever. According to a survey by Stack Overflow, JavaScript even took first place among the most popular technologies. Almost 70 percent of developers worldwide use this programming language. They appreciate the simplicity and the wide range of applications that JavaScript offers them. JavaScript allows you to do web development and create environments without a web browser.

JavaScript will not become unpopular in 2021 either. This programming language will continue to be in demand. In the following, we will introduce you to the seven most crucial JavaScript trends for 2021.

Why You Need To Watch And Apply JavaScript Trends In Web Development

Over the years, web development has proven to be essential for businesses and organizations. It opens the door to the global economy for companies. This allows companies to expand their activities worldwide. But the world of web development is constantly changing, and so are its trends. Sometimes trends change faster than they can be applied. For companies to always be at the forefront, they have to pay attention to the latest trends. If a trend gains popularity, companies should not ignore it but try to apply it. Take a look around regularly and find out about current trends in web development because that maintains your competitiveness.

1 JavaScript vs. TypeScript – The Hype Continues

In the past two years, TypeScript caused a hype, even though it was released back in 2012. TypeScript is an extension of JavaScript and is used for sophisticated applications built for both client-side and server-side execution. TypeScript is popular with software developers because it is strongly typed, easy to read, and easy to debug. It also supports many IDEs and can be converted to JavaScript at any time.

TypeScript is one of the top 3 most popular programming languages ​​according to Stack Overflow. GitHub’s statistics also confirm the popularity of this programming language.

2 React.js – Remains Popular

JavaScript offers a variety of frameworks so that applications can be developed quickly and effectively. Programmers have to look at which framework is best suited for which project. The choice mainly falls on React.js, as this framework promises robustness and simplicity when scaling web and mobile applications.

In the Stack Overflow ranking, React.js takes first place for web development frameworks. In the year 2020, React.js was downloaded approximately 9 million times.

Well-known applications that have been implemented with React.js include Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, and many more. The development of React.js is still ongoing. The framework is being further developed and continuously getting new functions. As a result, it reaches a broad audience and will also be included in many apps in 2021.

3 Vue.js – Will Keep Growing

Vue.js is a relatively new JavaScript framework. It was released in 2014 and quickly gained popularity among web application developers. According to Stack Overflow, Vue.js came second in the most wanted frameworks in 2019. Around 2 million downloads were recorded in 2020.

Xiaomi and Alibaba are two well-known examples that work with Vue.js. Vue.js is user-friendly, enormously customizable and can be easily integrated into other frameworks. One-sided apps can be created with Vue.js. It’s a lot easier to use than Angular. This is why many app developers use Vue.js for web solutions.

According to a survey by Web Technology, the use of Vue.js is increasing. More and more software developers are using this framework to develop effective and stable apps. It is assumed that Vue.js will continue to grow.

4 AngularJS – Development Continues

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework and includes a variety of functions. It is still popular with software developers. Here, one-sided applications can be developed, although the deployment does not take place entirely as quickly. However, it offers solid functionality with MVC architecture.

Two years ago (2019), the eighth version of AngularJS came out and brought some critical additional functions. Web applications became faster due to differentiated and delayed loading.

AngularJS ranks third among web development frameworks, according to Stack Overflow. Around 3.7 million downloads were registered worldwide.

5 PWAs Are Growing In Popularity

PWAs are becoming more and more attractive for companies. According to Statista, 11 per cent of e-commerce companies are already using PWAs, while 24 per cent are planning to invest in PWAs.

PWAs stand for advanced web applications. They can be accessed via smartphone and tablet and work like regular websites but behave like mobile apps. Software developers use web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop PWAs.

PWAs come with many advantages. On the one hand, they are cross-platform and can be easily adapted to different display sizes. On the other hand, they are updated automatically and can also be used offline. They also create secure connections for data exchange.

Many companies have already had positive experiences with PWAs. Examples of these companies are Uber, Twitter and Pinterest. You have managed to win more customers and generate more income.

6 SPAs Will Hold Their Own

Single Page Applications (SPAs) represent a new method for the navigation of web pages. They allow the use of web pages without reloading them. The goal is a dynamic user experience.

Web developers use web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, React.js or Vue.js to create SPAs. Well-known examples of SPAs are LinkedIn, Airbnb, Facebook, Gmail, and many more.

SPAs are one of the trends for 2021. The advantages of SPAs are longer battery life, better user experience, faster page navigation, easier development and maintenance.

7 AMP Enables Faster Download Speeds

A study by Web Technology found that AMP pages are becoming increasingly popular. This trend will continue in 2021.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a technology from Google and is designed to speed up website downloading. Google provides software developers with ready-made, unchangeable JavaScript code as well as HTML and CSS frameworks. Also, Google restricts custom JavaScript on its AMP pages as slowdowns are typical.

Some of the most popular websites that use AMP include Twitter, CNBC, Gizmondo and many more.

In addition to fast charging, AMP also offers many other advantages. For one, it allows for improved SEO, as Google prefers AMP pages. Because of the high loading speed, users spend more time on the website. It can also be better monetized through the improved usability of images and banners in HTML. It’s also easier to spot because Google presents the website as the top story in Google search. Therefore, AMP content comes first in Google Search.

Summary Of JavaScript Trends For 2024

In terms of robustness and distribution, JavaScript is a lousy programming language. The JavaScript ecosystem is well thought out and offers a wide range of technical solutions. The specialty of JavaScript is web development.

Since the web and JavaScript technologies are constantly being further developed, we assume that JavaScript will also maintain its leading position in web development in 2021.

You now know the JavaScript Trends 2021, and you also know that trends can change quickly. Keep watching the latest trends and dare to try them out too. This increases your chances of being the first choice among users. Don’t wait long and implement one of the trends in your next project.

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