How To Generate Leads Via LinkedIn?


The Internet is full of markets, networks, and platforms where you can win new customers, one of the most exciting companies is LinkedIn. The social network has Billions of active members and offers a place to manage your professional online identity and build up your professional network. But how can companies now benefit from this business network and generate contacts through it?

How To Get Started On LinkedIn

To be able to participate in the network, you need an account. You can create this for yourself, but also for your company. As with all social networks, registration is self-explanatory and straightforward. A personal statement is set up within a few minutes. Depending on the objective, this should be designed: the digital business card, the professional network, or the candidate profile to receive job offers. If you want to attract leads for your company, your products, and services, your profile must support this goal.

Appear As a Private Person On LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers you numerous opportunities to present yourself skillfully – whether in a free or paid account. It is mainly a company that should have a professional profile picture, a background picture representing the company you work for, a gripping profile slogan, and brief, concise information. Via the personal profile, you can join groups or found your groups, comment, share, like, and publish your content in the form of articles. So you appear as a private person in a professional context in the network.

The first lead activities can now be initiated via the profile. First of all, you should look out for groups to find your desired target group. An example: You are a provider of real estate and are looking for potential buyers. Then it would be good to join the group “Real Estate Investments” to generate leads here. As in all groups, it is essential to be active and to exchange ideas. Only those who build a positive and authentic reputation can count on gaining contacts for their business via LinkedIn.

Another possibility is to address potentially interested parties directly. You can send a message to any person or company on LinkedIn and draw attention to yourself. An example: You offer facility management and are looking for budget managers for building services, reception, or building cleaning. You can use a comprehensive search to find and write to the responsible persons. In this way, you are slowly but surely building a network of potential customers to offer your services. But please do not fall in with the door and slowly build trust and strengthen the relationship.

But how do you build trust on LinkedIn now? Competence and know-how cannot be expressed by a title or company affiliation alone. Since LinkedIn is a social network, you can create, share, comment, and like the content here wonderfully. These activities are shared with the web as a message. With a strong LinkedIn presence, you create trust with potential customers and establish closer relationships with your business partners. Be patient, be strategic, and don’t surprise your contacts with offers to buy.

How To Present Your Company On LinkedIn

LinkedIn also offers you the opportunity to create a company page. The company logo should be shown in the profile picture and the company, employees, products, or services in the background image. Inside the infobox, you can record your motivation, your Sloan or effects, and benefits. The personal profile is about convincing in the first few seconds and shows how the business you are active. In the “About us” section, you can, of course, provide more details, but make sure that you are not writing a novel and get to the heart of the matter: Who are we? What do we do? Why should you work with us?

All employees who have a personal account on LinkedIn and are employed by the company can be grouped under “People” via the company profile. This is how you create your digital corporate network. To attract leads, i.e., interested parties, to yourself, it is advisable to share content. An example: You have a law firm and regularly report on the latest in the areas of law you represent. With your know-how, you gain “followers,” ​​and with that, you build up a network to win potential new customers.

All content that you publish on behalf of the company can be shared with your employees. This increases the reach for your message. You also support colleagues who may not be quite as eloquent. Hashtags are important in this context. To take up the example above, you could write an article about “Rent reduction due to construction noise – what can tenants do?” And use the hashtags # modernization measures # construction measures # construction noise. If someone searches for “tenancy law” on LinkedIn, your content will be displayed to them because you have used the corresponding hashtag.

Fast Lead Generation Through ads

Of course, you can also quickly and efficiently create high-quality leads with advertising on LinkedIn. However, this has its price – similar to placing ads on Google or Facebook. In the LinkedIn Management Center, you can generate a motif, determine the budget, and enter the duration, depending on the objective, and the ad is ready. There are even memorable lead generation ads that you can choose from here. To get the most out of lead generation, you should deal intensively with the placement of ads on LinkedIn or hire a professional to help you. So that the budget does not go to waste, the settings and the motif are decisive for advertising success. To fall back on expertise that is familiar with it is more than recommendable than just getting started.


LinkedIn is a beautiful business network through which you can gain contacts for your company, products, and services. If you want it quick, you can use the ads. If you’re going to gain leads in the long term, you should build a presence on LinkedIn – either through corporate influencers, i.e., people who represent the company or the company itself. The more personal, the more authentic, and the more successful.

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