New Tools And Digital Trends To Manage Human Resources

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The technology in HR today has an impact on how to recruit, store files and analyze the performance of workers.

In addition, they benefit the company in other aspects such as motivation , productivity , image , etc. The new technological tools are an opportunity for our company, since they generate value by favoring greater integration and flexibility .

The digital tools applied to the human resources department are a rising trend, and even taking into account its numerous advantages.

Advantages of Using Digital Tools in Human Resources

They Improve The Image of The Company

Using the latest technological trends means betting on innovation and modernity, values ​​that are permeated by companies that are digitally updated. In addition, the presence on social networks will be an amplifier of the company’s image.

They Help Attract and Retain Talent

The use of technology generates a positive image of the company as it is an intangible that will help potential candidates to choose our company. In addition, tools such as gamification are also an incentive to generate a good environment and job satisfaction, issues that favor the retention of talent.

Motivation and Productivity

The use of these new digital trends encourages motivation, and this also has an impact on productivity.

Decrease Risks

The technology in the cloud helps to keep the information in a totally safe space, proof of any errors that can delete these files. On the other hand, big data offers us objective data that helps us make good decisions while minimizing risks.


Digital tools also favor labor flexibility, since with smart working there are numerous resources for supervising work carried out remotely.

They Favor Time Management

Technology helps in organizing and managing time. For example, mobile applications centralize all information and tasks on the mobile. With cloud technology, we will also have all the information at our fingertips in an orderly manner, which simplifies the search for documents.

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Digital Tools in Human Resources

Next, we will analyze the main trends in the use of digital tools for human resources :

Big Data to Share Knowledge Among Employees

Big data is a concept that arises as a consequence of the massive digital storage of data, which is intelligently analyzed to extract knowledge that can be valuable for our company.

The impact of big data also extends to the human resources department, where this type of analysis is used to:

  • Get an overview of the template. All the information about the performance and work of the personnel can be interpreted through big data and, later, to extract information about the performance peaks, as well as the phenomena that can alter their performance.
  • Anticipate emerging trends and avoid potential risks. This technology is capable of finding patterns to anticipate possible problems. So, for example, you can realistically optimize employee pay and benefits, matching them to their role in the company, to avoid talent drain and subsequent staff turnover.
  • Help in the selection of talent and potential employees. You can detect which candidates are the best fit for a job role by comparing their profiles with that of other employees or other successful candidates.

Mobile Applications for Work Team Management

Adapting HR systems to mobile applications allows both employees and administrators to consult information and make requests related to personnel management at any time from any device.

Those HR departments. who use mobile applications will be able to:

  • Approach the worker. The applications can manage vacations, provide training or act as a communication channel between HR and the employee.
  • Optimize basic human resources functions, gaining attractiveness and time management. There are applications designed to monitor staff and others to organize work shifts.

Digital Employer Branding:

Employer branding is a well-known strategy that, combining marketing concepts with human resources, seeks to generate an image that shows our company as an ideal work environment to retain and attract talent.

In this way, digital employer branding is a strategy that works mainly through social networks and / or web pages. Both platforms can help:

  • Spread and improve the image of our company . Networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram help to spread the company’s brand and enhance its image by allowing the publication of its measures or business activities.
  • Help attract talent. The use of social networks such as LinkedIn or InfoJobs is very popular to capture and consult candidate profiles. In fact, six out of ten companies admit to using social networks in their selection processes.

Cloud Technologies

The cloud has become a fundamental tool in the field of human resources, since it allows us to store all the information in a virtual space in an orderly manner . In this way, now an employee can consult and review the information they want at any time in a space that is as accessible as it is safe.

By storing the information in the cloud, the human resources department will obtain numerous benefits:

  • Security against inconveniences . The files we store in the cloud will gain security against any critical variable for their continuity, such as hard disk failures, power failures or human errors.
  • Collaboration . Cloud-based systems allow employees in different locations to work together effortlessly and provide greater data transparency.
  • Flexibility . HR teams using cloud-based systems can offer staff members greater flexibility to work from home or check in during vacations or holidays when needed.
  • Always up-to-date technology . Human resources departments often receive automatic software and systems updates, so they typically have the most up-to-date technology.

Gamification to Manage Human Resources

Gamification consists of applying a set of techniques and concepts of the game in various activities of the company . The use of games in the workplace, far from being a loss of time and concentration for the staff, represents a series of more than interesting advantages for any company:

  • Train staff . These applications are, in reality, digital training courses in the form of a video game, with challenges and levels that must be overcome. Also, an interesting fact is that many of these applications have group challenges with rewards to boost their motivation.
  • Encourage teamwork . Games promote discipline and teamwork because they generally require employees to do collaborative work if they are to be victorious.
  • Selection of candidates . A new trend is to use gamification as part of the selection process. We are talking about a new way to meet the candidate. Thus, through simulation games, the candidate will show us their experience, character and management skills.
  • Encourage motivation and commitment . On the other hand, gamification makes employees more comfortable and perceive their position as a more interesting space to work. By the way, the employee will feel more identified with your company, increasing their commitment to it.

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Smart Working, Flexible Work

Working from home or from a distance is an increasingly widespread condition. However, lately the concept of teleworking has been given a return with the emergence of smart working. This way:

  • Conciliation is encouraged . The employee will feel more motivated because it is he who decides how to work, being able to adapt his job to his personal needs in order to achieve a good work-life balance.
  • Motivation is favored . By empowering the employee, he will work more motivated, since he will gain in voice and also in responsibility.
  • Maximum flexibility is achieved.  By adapting the schedule and the workspace to the needs of the worker, we make the concept of the office as a physical space no longer essential.

As you can see, digital tools are a trend that has just started, and their presence will gradually increase in the coming years. That company that is committed to technology will also do so for its future , and this will mean having a strategic advantage when taking the initiative in times of digitization .

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