Simple Tips That Immediately Increase The Productivity of The Whole Company


There are many tips or recommendations on how to improve your time management. But what to do when it comes to the whole company’s productivity? Even though you and your employees are efficient in their work, you can waste a lot of time as a team. Check out three proven tips to instantly increase your business efficiency.

Simplify Access To Information

You know it. Customers, orders, finances, tasks … They are constantly evolving. To work effectively in a company, you need to have an overview of certain things. If you keep it only thanks to tickets, personal diary, calendar, excel spreadsheets, or constantly asking colleagues, please warn. There is a way to save a few hours a week.

The solution is a common source of information: the best, accessible online. Today, many online tools allow you to share all information about projects and customers. They are easy to use and financially efficient. Thanks to such a tool, you will implement a “system of operation” in the company, bringing several other benefits.

Tell Clearly Who Should Do What And When

Another way to save a few hours of work is to plan your activities regularly. Sit down and spend 30 minutes on who should do what and when. Whether for the next week or two. A clear responsibility and priority plan is the first step to efficiently completing tasks. If the functions lack a deadline, a responsible person, or an assignment, do not be surprised to fall into oblivion. At the same time, you keep track of what is to be done and what has been done with the plan.

Setting up a task, especially if there are more of you in the company, is not an easy task. You can also use modern technology, which will do many things. If you want to have an accurate overview of what’s going on in your company, I recommend you try an online task management tool.

Introduce “Non-Disruptive Time” Into The Working Day

Although active communication in the work team can speed up the resolution of many situations, be careful not to have too much. After all, every question means interruption. A proven technique that does not limit teamwork and at the same time allows everyone to focus on their tasks is the so-called “Non-disruptive time.” For example, from 9:00 to 11:00. No responses to new emails, no questions for colleagues … There’s room for that later. Two hours of concentration on your priorities will see how happier you will be with your working day.

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