Six Initiatives That Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Thanks To Coworking


Flexibility and access to training or networking are some of the benefits the entrepreneurs who have chosen to develop their professional work in these spaces.

Currently, the way of working has changed, and the most decisive aspect of the new times is flexibility. We decide where and how to work, how to meet, and how to talk to colleagues…in short, we have some flexibility to interact in the work ecosystem. This has made coworking spaces emerge as a solution for many companies, especially for entrepreneurs who have long seen these spaces as an opportunity for innovation and collaboration.

Whoever decides to launch their project, materialize their idea and take action must take into account, among many other things, the physical place where it is carried out. Sometimes they look for spaces that are more than just a workplace, if not an environment that encourages their creativity and motivation. In this way, more and more entrepreneurs are opting for coworking spaces to establish their offices.  

In this sense, on the occasion of the International Day of Women Entrepreneurs, Cloudworks, a co-working company founded in 2015 in Barcelona, ​​has prepared a list of 6 initiatives that entrepreneurs can achieve thanks to coworking:

  1. Identify possible opportunities and how to exploit them. This is where the business idea comes from. It may seem obvious, but it is standard for many entrepreneurs to start their business idea without thinking if the concept is based on a business opportunity.
  2. Innovation and initiative. Waiting for others to generate opportunities or events of interest turns companies into taxpayers. It is always better to go ahead and take the industry, which no entrepreneur lacks. Likewise, collaborating with other projects and colleagues and being proactive in getting to know the people around you is critical.
  3. new ideas and contacts. Contact with other professionals from different sectors will provide entrepreneurs with new ideas and business forms. Personal and professional ties make you more productive and collaborative. Working surrounded by other people brings new points of view, synergies and very fruitful collaborations.
  4. training. In many co-working spaces, they care about the professional and personal development of the workers and propose courses or workshops which offer extra to the entrepreneurs. Some of these courses may specialize in a position in the company, and others serve to disconnect from work by focusing on physical or emotional well-being.
  5. Flexibility. Most of these spaces are enabled 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that entrepreneurs can choose the hours of the day they prefer to work without distractions, facilitating work-life balance. 
  6. Access to all kinds of services at no extra cost. Expenses are female entrepreneurs’ primary concerns when starting and maintaining a business. The great advantage of coworking is that several companies share the same space, rental costs, supplies and materials.

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