Smart Working – A New Way Of Working


Currently, many companies are adapting to a new way of working, Smart Working, and what does it consist of?
Smart Working is a new work alternative, where the company puts all the tools at the disposal of its employees for total performance, with more efficiency and better results. With the emergence of new demands and needs in the labor market, it is no longer necessary to just “heat the chair” in the office, but there is more flexibility and the possibility to choose the place and the way of working. Also with mobile devices, computers, and the emergence of the cloud, and comfortable place can be a good place to perform tasks. In this way, we differentiate two types of Smart Working: home office (teleworking) and work outside the office.


For home office or telecommuting, it is compulsory to work from home, with an environment of its own space and suitable for it. However, it is not necessary to do it from home, there is also the option of working outside. Here we can speak of a «third place», which is neither an office nor a home, such as cafes, libraries, common areas, even in a park or on the beach. Today, almost all jobs require only a laptop, the Internet, and being comfortable to perform tasks. Even for creative activities, it is more advisable to be in open places to have more inspiration and creativity. An open environment also helps the employee to relax and disconnect from work when locked out and start over with other ideas.


In a sector such as Online Marketing or social networks, where the nature of work is the Internet, Smart Working is more easily applied. Despite the risks (distraction, low productivity temptation, poor schedule organization, etc.) that working outside the office presents, we can highlight a series of advantages.

Working at home saves transport costs and time, in addition to obtaining greater productivity. But all of this has to be based on a well-organized work schedule and a high level of efficiency. Once this is achieved, home office means more free time for the employer, being with the family, going on vacation, and enjoying.

In this way, productivity and time are the two main factors in Smart Working. It is not the same to do 10 jobs in 2 hours as 2 jobs in 8 hours, therefore the time remaining after completing the tasks is a plus for the employee, in addition to his salary.


As for the company, Smart Working means savings in its infrastructure costs, electricity consumption, maintenance cost, space optimization, etc. But these are not the main reasons that drive the company to adapt to Smart Working. The main thing is to generate job opportunities to attract talents who are not willing or find it difficult to go to the office, such as people with reduced mobility, or people who have others in their charge. As well as gathering the talents of the entire world without having to lock yourself in a specific geographical area.

Another reason to highlight is the search for a quality result and not quantity. It would be to choose to work inside or outside the home depending on the most effective result.

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There is currently a change in the way of working, where the objective is no longer to comply with work hours but to improve productivity and quality, giving importance to the role of flexibility. With this element, employees organize their working hours in a way that they create more convenient and efficient, the amount of hours spent in the office is no longer important.

Working outside the company, along with flexibility, is increasingly being adopted. Thanks to Smart Working, organizations obtain a better quality of work and favors the training and motivation of the worker, without increasing their costs.

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