The Entrepreneurial Character – Loneliness And Other Qualities


All entrepreneurs have in common a very defined personality, the entrepreneurial character.

Many people have great ideas that they “are sure” would work very well but are unwilling to put into practice. To dare, you need to have that character.

However, not everything is positive. On the other hand, these people also experience the loneliness of the entrepreneur.

They tend to develop projects, but not only with an economic objective. Likewise, they are also fully involved in personal or social projects.

While the loneliness of the entrepreneur focuses on that feeling of being “alone against the world”, that all responsibility falls on your shoulders …

Do not worry excessively; everything is overcome.

Entrepreneurial Qualities

Entrepreneurs often have several qualities that they leverage to achieve their goals or objectives.

In this article, we are going to review the most important ones.


Innovative people always find new ways of doing things based on an idea.

It is not necessary to invent the Coca-Cola formula every day but to do things differently, give it one more spin, etc … Finding that point of improvement is always there.

It’s about coming up with a better idea according to your philosophy. Innovators, by nature, apply this ability to all aspects of their lives.

For the entrepreneur, the point is to devise a valuable company for a sufficiently good group of companies or people.

For the business plan to work, it must be sustainable and go beyond the projects in perfect situations.

Sometimes seeing things differently also enhances the feeling of loneliness. Will everyone be correct, and will I be the different one?

Don’t worry, trust yourself and keep going!

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Entrepreneurs never give up. They face difficulties convinced that they will overcome them, and if that does not work, they look for another.

The word failure is not in your vocabulary. Everything has a process and time, and it is useless to despair.


Another essential quality of the entrepreneurial character is seduction.

These people quickly get others to support them and participate in their ideas and projects.

This quality is even more critical at the beginning of the project when you have to look for financing, clients and suppliers who believe in your project that has just started.

In later phases, that seduction is essential to align the entire company behind its ideas or objectives.


Starting a business or a project from scratch is not easy, not only because of the investment of time and money that it implies but also because of the setbacks you will encounter.

You have to fight with many people who do not trust you and who will consider you to be “crazy.”

You can only move forward by being entirely sure of what you are doing and blindly trusting that the project is viable.

Self-confidence is essential to fight against the current and make the impossible possible.


Entrepreneurs do not wait for the perfect situation to start their projects but rather create the necessary conditions for the company to start or develop.

Another thing that the entrepreneur is clear about is that “the perfect is the enemy of the good . “

Many people who want to undertake something hide that their project is not yet “perfect”; therefore, it will never start.

This profile of the person is daring to take the initiative of their projects regardless of the opinion of others since many people (with their best intention) will tell you that your idea will not work.

When being an entrepreneur, the most important thing is to believe in yourself and in your project to start working on it day and night until it yields results.

The entrepreneur is daring because he dares to challenge the rules of what can or cannot be done.

To be daring, it is only necessary to take the initiative of your projects and work actively to achieve them.

Emotional balance

The day-to-day life of an entrepreneur is very diverse and complicated since there are many tests to overcome.

Sometimes, some of them are easy to destabilize us. Therefore the character of the entrepreneur is usually very balanced.

It is essential not to throw the bells to the flight in the good moments, as not to collapse before a problem or obstacle.

Having excellent emotional stability will be basic and essential to stay firm, not faint and not let yourself be trampled by anyone.

The life of an employed person can be happy, sad, exciting or frustrating, but in the life of the entrepreneur, every day, you go through all those states!

And perhaps not just once a day, it is called “the emotional roller coaster of the entrepreneur. “


Entrepreneurs adapt their projects to reality. The current context makes everyday changeable, so you have to know how to adapt without your projects losing their essence.

A flexible person can match ideas with other points of view. They tend to be very agile when it comes to personal and professional changes.


An entrepreneur is the one who not only trusts in his project, goes out of his way for it and invests hours of his personal life, but also the one who puts all his passion into it.

Starting something without being excited, without seeing a motivation, does not make any sense.

It is essential that you feel love for risk, that your adrenaline runs when you have a challenge before you, and that you grow up and become the best defender of your project in the face of any threat.

The entrepreneur does not get frustrated when everything is delayed more than projected, nor does he feel bad when the results that are being sought are not achieved.

It stops analyses why and tries again with new energy.


These people learn from their failures and transform those experiences into a source of value to face future projects.

They never value the times you fall, but the times you get up, and a long time ago, they changed the paradigm of failure :


This is another essential part of the entrepreneurial nature.

How many things are you willing to give up for your project? How many family hours are you going to give up? How many hours with friends are you going to give up? Are you going to give up a fixed schedule? Are you going to give up a “fixed salary”? Etc.

Entrepreneurs give up all those things and some more. Especially in the early stages of their projects, they will give everything for nothing with the illusion and hope that their projects will develop and succeed …

In short, entrepreneurship is much more than a fad. And it is a way of being and a way of life that is not available to everyone.

The roller coaster of the entrepreneur is what we call the continuous ups and downs of spirits that one suffers when they are an entrepreneur. That makes one day feel like the king of the world and the next a bastard who will end up bankrupt. And suffering is not evil. It is normal.

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