New Trends In Offices For 2022


The new trends in offices for 2022 show us that work environments are changing.

Today’s workers have different needs to get the best of themselves, so it is necessary to expand their workplaces to other spaces and environments.

With an environment as dynamic and in continuous transformation as the current one, adaptability becomes a must in most positions.

This adaptability has to be reflected not only in the skills and abilities of the employee but also in his way of working and in the relationship with the workspace.

The idea of ​​a worker in the same place 8 hours a day has been disappearing for a long time.


Because today your needs have changed.

Latest Trends In Offices

Let’s go by parts. We are not saying that working in an office is a mistake, but working alone is.

The latest trends in offices are transforming both their own space and converting others into workspaces.

Create Open Spaces

The modern Smart offices should be spaces where the worker has more flexible and versatile areas that foster collaboration between teams and creativity.

The most innovative companies continue to reform their facilities in environments where offices and separation by departments disappear.

Ideally, all employees work together, and faces can be seen in an open space.

This creates a greater sense of horizontality and equality within the company and facilitates synergies between different departments.

However, this trend is not without its critics. Some defend that it decreases productivity and makes employees focus more on appearing to work than on working.

For an open-plan office to function, it is essential to banish the spectre of presenteeism and promote an open and creative environment for everyone.

Encourage Interactions

In this sense, it cannot be forgotten that each job has different needs.

Do you think it helps creativity be locked in an office 8 hours a day?

The answer is no.

Perhaps a coffee conversation gives you an idea to develop if you are in a relaxed environment. Your thoughts will flow differently or, even if you share your concerns with other people outside your company, they will offer you new ideas without being conditioned by the company’s policies.

Therefore, it is also necessary to promote interaction with external employees, synergies with other companies and unhindered attendance at training, fairs and events in the sector.

Fixing a bottleneck may require a new perspective untainted by inner vision.

Avoid Fixed Positions

For example, not having a fixed workplace allows you to get to know and increase your relationships with other colleagues.

Perhaps, if you had a permanent position, you would not see them throughout the working day.

Developing these relationships is always important to share different company views, foster communication, and avoid future conflicts between various departments.

Freeing or rotating positions also avoids the feeling that a department feels undervalued and puts them on an equal footing.

Hold Meetings Outside of The Office.

Many of them have been held outside the traditional meeting rooms of companies for a long time.

More and more people are looking to celebrate them in more relaxed and different environments.

For example, sharing a coffee in a nice cafeteria, in coworking, in a hotel cafeteria, etc …

You can even have one of these meetings after a team-building activity.

According to the latest studies, this trend has the following advantages:

  • Allows you to get out of the daily routine and get oxygenated
  • Increase the creativity and the appearance of new ideas
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase worker productivity and happiness
  • Grants freedom to the employee, which transforms it into responsibility and gratitude to the company

Work From Home

An increasingly followed trend in large companies in the promotion of teleworking.

Usually, days of work in the office are combined with others in which they work from home.

In this way, the employee does not lose direct contact with the company or colleagues but can organize himself in the way that suits him best. A 100% teleworking model is chosen in some positions, except for a specific meeting.

Among the benefits of teleworking, we must highlight:

  • Reduce everyday office expenses.
  • It favours family conciliation
  • Flexible hours allow greater adaptability to personal productivity and the circumstances of each individual
  • Get rid of the usual rush-hour traffic jams in big cities
  • You gain comfort by not needing to follow clothing guidelines

Are Offices Necessary In The 21st Century?

Office trends show that they are transforming, but they will not disappear.

Offices help create a sense of belonging for employees and maintain relationships.

They are also essential to know the day to day of the company and its strategy and share the same concerns with colleagues.

Of course, today, they are no longer the only workspaces for modern companies and employees.

Cafes, coworking or even the home itself have become other extensions of the offices, adapting to each worker’s needs.

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