The Trends In Social Media That Will Shape The Marketing Of The Future

Social Media trends

The future and how to channel it is usually one of the most common questions we ask ourselves in advertising and marketing. The one that arrives first usually obtains better impact and results in advertising campaigns. But, as everything is constantly moving and evolving, it is difficult to predict what companies and brands should or should not do and, above all, when to do it. One of the areas that have undergone the most changes is Social Media. Companies have to be constantly searching, analyzing and adapting to market changes. Marketing strategies evolve at the same pace as social networks to offer the best possible service to customers.

List Of Trends In Marketing And Social Media That Will Leave Their Mark

In this article, we will analyze the trends outlined by social media Hootsuite platform as the most outstanding in the coming years.

  • Social networks maintain their hegemony. The use of social networks (both personal and professional) is expected to continue to grow and expand. The rapid growth of Instagram is also scheduled, positioning itself as the favourite in different generational targets. It is no longer just a matter of young people but also users between 45 and 54 years old.
  • The number of videos can be overwhelming. If videos are now the great advantage of brands and companies, they can become a significant disadvantage. Video is expected to evolve into a tool for social ecommerce or messaging apps.

The visual above the text. Searches will be carried out employing images or even utilizing voice. In addition, investigations are expected to be carried out through social media, such as Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram.

Other Exciting Trends In Social Media And Marketing.

  • The arrival of the Social CEO. These new job profiles will evolve hand in hand with collaborative spaces and tools. Your primary role will be to listen and communicate more directly and personally with the workers.
  • Amazon arrives stomping. The duopoly established by Google and Facebook is about to break. Amazon is an excellent attraction for brands and companies for its innovative advertising strategies.
  • Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. In 2023, these three elements are expected to test products, create campaigns and conduct general communication. Through artificial intelligence, it will be possible to manage segmented business strategies adapted to users.
  • Fake news on social networks. They are already a reality, although little has been said about it. The role of social networks in disseminating information (true or false) is the topic of the moment, but it will increase. Political decisions have already been in check, so regulation of the game’s rules is expected.

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