The Most Demanded Professions Of The Moment In Technology


The technology sector continues to grow and to demand more and more professionals, and better qualified. Progress is swift, and the rise of digital transformation is helping priorities in demand for tech professions rapidly evolve. The most coveted careers and professions of 10 years ago have nothing to do with the most sought-after professions today.

Some of those professions have disappeared. And forth furthermore the skills that were a star in the past decade have changed, are no longer as desirable or have simply been replaced by others.

In the ICT field, there are today a series of professions with a high demand in the labor market that should be kept in mind. Many of them are directly related to the Cloud, and to technologies that make intensive use of cloud resources.

Big Data and Blockchain Professionals On The Rise

Big Data is one of the discipline’s most practical applications today in many sectors. From marketing, through personalized solutions in the insurance world to the use of artificial intelligence solutions oriented to the autonomous car, the management, and analysis of increasing amounts of data is an imperative need.

In this way, the professions related to Big Data are numerous, and they have a great future. The ability to capture, analyze and convert these huge amounts of data into knowledge, coming from very different sources, with completely different formats, will determine the competitiveness of companies.

Let’s look at examples of professions that will be in high demand shortly:

  • Data Scientists and Analysts: The professionals with the knowledge and tools to analyze and transform data into useful information for businesses.
  • Big Data Architect, or data architect. This professional is responsible for creating the technical architecture necessary to support the entire Big Data process, from data collection and information reading to its applications. It is a very technical profile.
  • Chief Data Officer (CDO), or what is the same, the person responsible for the data in the company. This professional is responsible for the data from a technological point of view, but also a business one. In addition, it is in charge of supervising and directing data security and regulatory compliance.
  • Specialists in machine learning (automatic learning) applied analytical tools to process data and extract the value they contain.

As for Blockchain, it is a technology that is expanding in terms of its applications, especially if we leave the best known: cryptocurrencies. And many more Blockchain applications give rise to many professions. As it is based on distributed database systems, the information is stored through blockchain in closed “blocks” that cannot be modified once validated.

Applications for identity management, data registration and verification, smart contracts, notary applications, and a myriad of applications related to the collaborative economy are some examples of what could be one of the professions with the most future of today.

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