The Role Of Digital In The Relationship Between Employees


Digital has greatly revolutionized companies life, economy, and working methods. Human resources are the main beneficiaries of change.

For managers of human resources departments in many companies, digital tools ( corporate Internet network, versatile computer interfaces, programs, and applications, etc.) facilitate the monitoring of the internal movement of employees, including absences, balances of leave, payroll, or other social components.

Above all, they allow you to:

  • Promote team engagement
  • Improve sharing and collaboration.
  • Measure employee engagement on a project.

Digital As An HR Process Facilitator

Digital tools, in particular, instant messaging and corporate social networks, offer HR Services the possibility of:

  • Respond to issues related to HR services, including.
  • Automation of HR processes.
  • Improvement of the performance of the HR function.
  • Saving time to optimize the HR strategy.
  • Better understand the needs of employees.
  • To easily and instantly inform employees on various subjects.
  • Quickly provide answers without the need to interrupt production.
  • To attract and retain employees.
  • To improve the employee experience.

Digital As A Resource Enhancement Tool

HR decision-makers consider employees as pillars of digital approaches. Employees are thus considered internal customers of the company, and their satisfaction is one of the priorities of human resources managers. Another way to better serve employees is also to:

  • Give them access to value-added and innovative services.
  • Offer them a pleasant working environment and a source of motivation for performance.
  • In this case, it is desirable that the Human Resources Department.
  • Set up a Help-desk (a digital platform) to manage employee requests more quickly
  • Install a kind of self-service for both parties (managers and employees) to democratize HR applications
  • and provides HR services with a digital HR Shared Services Center.

For employees, digital facilitates:

  • Communication with the hierarchy
  • The transfer of skills within a team
  • Communication with project stakeholders
  • The exchange
  • The organization of a meeting by skype, chat…
  • Access to data from the various departments of the company…

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