Trends In App Development – 7 Top Trends In 2021


To stay competitive, companies need to think about how to weigh options and what technologies to use to reach their target audiences. The same goes for the mobile app market. But which technologies in app development are popular for 2021? We have selected the most important trends in app development for you and will present you with seven cutting-edge trends.

Internet of Things (IoT) – remains in trend:

The IoT market will continue to grow over the next few years. The IoT market is expected to be worth more than $ 500 billion by 2022. The entertainment electronics industry has the largest share of 180 billion US dollars. But IoT is not only conquering the USA, but also the whole world. Technology is well received by people because they are close to them and make their everyday lives easier. This technology creates an emotional bond with people through interaction and living together in a house.

IoT is a convenient thing and the user feels comfortable because it is used in their premises. It is an intelligent network and is mostly used in the smart home area. Thanks to smartphones, users can, for example, control their electronic devices at home using an app. It is forecast that around 50 billion IoT-enabled devices will be in use by 2030. Accordingly, there will be a gigantic network with various connected devices such as kitchen appliances and smartphones.

In addition, IoT can also be used to exchange data in the network. Due to the numerous possibilities of IoT, app developers should remain vigilant, because demand will not decrease in 2021 either.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) – A Permanent Trend:

Since the great success of Pokémon Go, Augmented Reality has been a household name for most people. This technology remains interesting for app development. Because it can not only be used to develop modern games. Here the possibilities such as virtual shopping are almost limitless. It can be implemented in addition to existing app functions and thus provides the user with an extended user experience.

The two technology giants Apple and Google are already developing with AR technology. Google is currently working on an AR function for Google Maps. This gives the user instructions in real-time via a smartphone camera.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI):

AI was already one of the top trends in mobile app development in 2020. This trend will continue over the next few years. Despite the pandemic, AI research is not standing still. This technology is changing the world and it is especially in these difficult times that it is needed all the more.

This technology can also help with the development of mobile apps. Thanks to cloud computing, most AI ​​models can be created. This allows intelligent devices to benefit from this technology without putting a load on the processors.

Thanks to AI, for example, modern search engines, virtual assistants, automation of business processes, and identification of user preferences are integrated into smartphones. Without AI, the mobile app industry would not succeed.

Funny applications such as FaceApp can be a lot of fun for people with the help of artificial intelligence. This app became famous almost overnight and quickly became one of the most popular apps in the world. The application lets a photo of a person run through a filter to make that person look older or younger. The company behind FaceApp posted sales of $ 1 million in October 2019.

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps:

For many years, developers have relied on the development of native apps. But this trend in app development is slowly changing. These days, cloud-based solutions are becoming more and more popular. But how does this technology work? Mobile cloud applications are run on external servers. This gives them the advantage of taking up little or no storage space.

Cloud apps are popular with users because they don’t have to save them permanently on their mobile phones and can therefore use the free space for other things. A cloud app is also worthwhile for business, as this technology is inexpensive and easy to implement. This variant is very attractive for an app provider.

Beacon Technology:

A beacon is a small wireless transmitter that sends signals via Bluetooth to nearby devices such as smartphones. The Global Market Insights predicts that beacon technology will be valued at $ 25 billion by 2024.

The biggest advantage of this technology is that it can be used for marketing and location-based purposes. With the help of beacons, customers can be integrated into the offline world, placed on Google or the shopping experience analyzed.

Beacon technology has a positive effect on people’s lives as it makes everyday life easier for them. In London, at Pimlico Station, beacons are used to send tips to blind people so that they can move easily through the tube.

Google AMP:

Due to the increasing demand for mobile apps, more and more entrepreneurs are interested in AMP technology to be able to address more customers with it.

Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is, in a broad sense, the small version of an HTML page. This means that mobile pages can be designed more easily and the user benefits from short loading times. AMPs are currently popular with developers because they can convert complex websites into responsive designs. This means that AMPs can be accessed on all mobile devices.

AMPs also ensure better user experience and mileage. In addition, AMPs are preferred by Google and are accordingly ranked higher.

Android Instant Apps – This Trend Is Coming:

In 2016, Google released Android Instant Apps as a new software configuration. It was very practical for the user, but again it was very demanding for the developers. So instant apps aren’t new, but they’ve been growing in popularity lately.

With an instant app, you can play games on your smartphone or try out an app without having to install it on your device. They are also compatible with Android gadgets, require significantly less storage space, and usually offer a user-friendly interface and UX design.

Instant apps are therefore user-friendly and are particularly suitable for mobile games and also as an e-commerce platform. Therefore, it is assumed that this technology will continue to be on-trend in 2021.

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Innovations and trends come to us every year. As a result, our knowledge is constantly being expanded and we have to adapt to changes. A technology that was trending 5 years ago will probably not guarantee success for your app today. That is why it is all the more important to observe and apply current trends in app development before it is too late.

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