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Advertising items will always remain complementary to digital, especially to build loyalty and gain visibility.
Many people think that with this all-digital trend, many offline communication media will disappear.

By offline we mean print communication, communication via advertising objects, and anything that makes it possible to broadcast a message outside the internet. This would be to say that advertising will disappear from our field of vision outside of everything that is connected.

In this regard, I would say that we are very far from it and that advertising is simply balanced between the media in which it finds its place. The promotional items are a good demonstration of this example. It is about associating the usefulness of our daily life with an impacting message so as not to lose contact with any brand, company, or service.
I regularly notice that many ultra-connected people remain attached to paper and especially to their notepad or their diary. It is difficult for these people not to write down information or appointments on paper. However, smartphones offer us an array of innumerable applications, from To-Do Lists to useful and customizable calendars.

Why duplicate your appointments and a whole lot of information on a paper medium which is sometimes cumbersome?

1) Because the paper does not need to be reloaded

2) Because it is easy to browse the pages of a notepad or diary

3) Because touching paper remains a natural gesture that connects us to reality

4) Because there is the pleasure of writing and drawing 

You could find a lot of valid reasons on either side. A smartphone is relatively compact and we are almost sure not to forget it on a daily basis. Yet we still need benchmarks and elements that remain easy to use. Giving a diary has always been a useful and beneficial gift for both parties.

Between Loyalty And Visibility

Promotional items have always been one of the most popular media for brands and companies, both to gain customer loyalty and gain visibility.
Having the website or no to a customer phone in front of you to keep in touch with each instant. Que whether on a pen, a notepad, etc … the promotional item itself is a medium that is spread the message and a mark of generosity that is lost when you know that budgets are shrinking.

However, if companies wish to gain offline visibility, advertising objects remain a real asset. All digital might happen one day, but we will always have contact with the real world. . It is a return to fundamentals that will always take precedence over what takes us away from reality and a volatile environment.

In conclusion

Promotional items will thus remain a visual mark that will follow us in our pocket, our bag, so as not to lose sight of this professional attention that keeps us loyal. Digital and offline must therefore remain complementary in order to communicate and retain customers.

We will always have paper and pen handy… even in a fully digital world.

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