Trends To Develop Your Social Media Strategy In 2021


The year 2020 has not been the year everyone expected, but it has been an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Many companies have opted for digital transformation, whether with e-commerce, orders through social networks, among others. In this article, we will share the social media trends for 2021 and their impact on audiences.

Broadly speaking, the increase in applications such as TikTok and Instagram Reels stands out. Opportunities in these formats are expected to continue in 2021.

Remix Content

Platforms like TikTok help to create this type of content, it is very common to promote songs to make them viral through dances on TikTok. In the specific case of each brand, you must choose well the channels where your audience is located, do a demographic study, and know what platform your audience is on. Interact with your audience and it will improve your brand engagement.

Informational Content During The Pandemic.

Lego example, they show a health and safety message that says “Wash your hands.” So, by 2021 we will have to continue analyzing global trends and how you can help your clients, planning a correct communication strategy. Creating relevant content that cares about the audience, as invasive advertising no longer works. Create a plan to manage the crisis.


They predominate among young people from 13 to 35 years old. An example of this format is found with the advancement of the Playstation ps5. Brands must engage with their audiences with popular memes. Beware of posting forbidden memes.

Nostalgia Marketing

Connect your audience with your brand in a sentimental way. It makes more sense now as economic uncertainty runs and that makes us disconnect from our current problems. Eg Disney, in your Christmas ad. We must know correctly what was important to our audience in the ‘70s,’80sFor example0’s. Relaunch old products. Games, design songs also evoke the past.

Conversational Marketing

Engage in conversations with your brand and build lasting relationships. We can achieve it through chatbots, individualized content, social messaging. For example: when you access our website, the bot responds to you. Other aspects of this model are: talk to your audience and humanize your brand.

Gaming on Social Networks

The lockdown has given rise to video games and brands will focus more on this sector. Platforms such as Twitch and YouTube emerge that allow you to connect with your friends or other players. Ex: Warner Bros, unveiled the trailer for their latest movie Tenet in the Fortnite game. Don’t stop looking for more communities where your brand could fit in and be original when launching new products.

Traditional Marketing

Increase in podcasts. Offer quality information to your consumers. Use newsletters, hyper segmented email marketing campaigns.

Large Platforms Adapt To The New Normal

Launching Facebook Horizon, Reels on Instagram, or voice audios on Twitter are some examples to attract audiences. To conclude, you must hit the right combination of all these strategies, analyze your channels, align your spending investments in social networks with organic content.

Increase In Fake News

Conspiracy theories have always existed but this year with the pandemic, many hoaxes have been created to harm each other. Try to be transparent with your brand, increase your cybersecurity, be careful what you share.

New Audiences With Social Awareness

Topics such as mental health, inclusion, and social justice. An example is Nike with the Black Lives Matter.

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