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Rebranding is one of the most difficult actions to implement a company, update your brand to the times and run the evolution of your business.

1.What Is Brand Rebranding?

Rebranding is the set of actions that seek to change the opinion of consumers through events such as changing the name, logo, typography, design, advertising messages, among others.

All brands are updated throughout their history, some more clearly and others more slowly. Always seek to change the image that consumers have towards the brand, in addition to differentiating themselves from the competition.

The costs of rebranding vary since they involve a change in the web design, uniforms, graphic material, social networks, decoration, etc.

2.When Should You Consider Rebranding?

Rebranding is used when you notice that your brand is in decline and is not positioned in the market.

Another reason is to differentiate ourselves from competing companies, for it to be perceived as different, the value proposition must be real and differentiate ourselves in design, innovation, or the environment.

To forget past times. When a company has suffered a negative crisis, its reputation is low so accompanying its image and strategy in this change can change the perception of others.
Strengthen positioning. Brands that already have good positioning and want to reach new audiences. It is very common when the brand expands to other countries.

Unpredictable events. When there is a crisis like the current one, many brands bet on changing all their branding.

Examples Of Rebranding

The first case of success that we see is that of Apple, they have made many changes in their branding to reach new markets. Its logo is the most striking change.

Instagram. A few years ago, Instagram rebranded its logo as we see in the image and its typography. Few remember the first logo with the Polaroid camera.

Nike. The evolution of Nike’s brand image has been innovative, they have sought an easier design.

Gap. Its rebranding generated a stir in recent times and as we see the image was changed that same year in 2010 to the previous logo.

Faults That Are Committed When Carrying Out Brand Rebranding

 -It’s not just about changing an image. The change must be in the business structure and reflected in the image, it is useless to change the logo if the business philosophy remains the same.

-Be realistic with your brand. You have to know the current positioning of your brand in the market since we can change the brand and lose the audience we already had.

 -Assume costs associated with rebranding. The changes, if applied, must be in the entire image of the brand and have a uniform image, that is, in web design, decoration, social networks, etc.

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