VPN – A Means Of Protection When Connected To The Internet


What is a VPN, and how does it help you use WIFI networks more securely in malls, cafes and airports?

What Is A VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network that connects multiple geographically separated devices into a single private network. This connection is secure, although it uses an insecure network to transmit data – the Internet.

The Difference In Web Browsing Is Without A VPN

A VPN like diadiktiokaiasfalia creates a secure tunnel from a device to a server. All data is then sent through this tunnel. Even if someone listened to the network in front of the VPN server, they would not read the data because it is encrypted. Advanced security programs are installed on the server, so it is much more difficult to attack it than to intercept communications in a public place. A VPN server is often part of a corporate network. You need a VPN client to connect to such a server. You can download it for free from the Internet.

Four Reasons To Use VPN

Encrypted And Secure Communication

When you connect to the Internet wirelessly, your data can be intercepted by anyone in your area or anyone who gains control of the network, typically a router. In that case, an attacker can monitor all communication between your device and the server. If you do not use an encrypted connection (known green HTTPS lock), an attacker can see who you are writing, what pages you are viewing, what you have bought, and so on. Therefore, you should not log in to insecure sites over public WIFI networks without a VPN.

If you already use an encrypted connection using HTTPS, you reduce the risk you are exposed to. However, there are still several attacks that can harm you. To defend them effectively, it is necessary to use VPN services. In this case, a successful attack on your device is virtually impossible.

Possibility To Connect To Another Virtual Network

One of the great advantages of virtual networks is connecting and using local network resources. Once connected to a VPN, you can use a printer or file server, and you can connect to internal applications that cannot be accessed from the Internet in terms of security.

Access To Blocked Content

VPNs are often used “only” to change geographic location. This way, you can bypass restrictions and gain access to content blocked by TV or ISPs. You connect to a server in England, watching BBC One. You will join the USA, and you can watch Netflix with a larger selection of movies and series than in Slovakia.

In countries where communism rules, VPN is used to circumvent censorship.

Protection Against Marketing Surveillance

As we all know, every site collects traffic statistics. And because almost everyone uses Google Analytics, Google knows how to do where and when. If you use a VPN, you can partially protect yourself. We recommend people who do not want to share a lot of information about themselves.

What Are The Disadvantages of VPN

Using VPN services reduces browsing speed. With the correct implementation of your solution, the speed reduction is minimal. When using commercial services, it depends on which server you connect to and how this VPN server is used. It depends on the number of people connected.
You may not always be guaranteed security when using commercial services. It would help if you chose a credible partner.
Creating your VPN server is not easy. You will need the help of an expert.

Own VPN or Use An External Service?

The VPN solution consists of renting or purchasing a server (the alternative is a new computer) and installing special software. This software is free. To do this, you need a public IP address from your ISP. After setting up the software for the technician, all you have to do is set up the connection data on your computer or mobile, and you’re done. Your real IP address and location will be hidden, and all sites will only see your server’s location and IP address. To access geo-blocked content, you will need a server in a country that does not block that content.

Quality network routers have the option of connecting to a foreign VPN server. With this solution, all devices connected to such a router automatically use diebestenvpn VPN. The advantage is the ease of connecting new devices, and the downside is the loss of all the benefits associated with VPN after leaving the office.

We consider the simplest solution to the installation of the Opera browser, which has built-in VPN functionality. Use is free and fast.

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