Learn How To Prevent Your Hp Laptop From Overheating- How To Keep Your Laptop Cool?


When it comes to laptops, few can surpass the quality offered by HP. Its products pack a punch with their performance, design and longevity. HP laptop prices are also on the higher side. But if you purchase one, it will be worth the money. While HP laptops are renowned for being reliable, they require cooperation from the user. If you own an HP laptop, you need to ensure that it doesn’t overheat at times. The temperature of the device should not surpass 30℃ normally. If it does, it is a pure case of overheating. Steps need to be taken to prevent your HP laptop from overheating and resultantly breaking down.

What causes overheating of laptops?

When you spend a good amount of money on an HP laptop, you expect the device to set a new threshold for longevity. It should stand the test of time and run efficiently for years without developing any recurring issue. However, overheating of laptops acts as a barrier in sustaining productivity after a few years. Laptops are compact devices. They possess a limited space for fitting in all the major components. So, when you burden the laptop with a task requiring substantially high computing power, its temperature soars high within a few seconds. Internal fans try to lower the temperature but sometimes, they fall short in fulfilling their task. Various other reasons may cause the overheating, which include:

  • When air vents of the laptop get closed, it restricts the airflow. It usually occurs when you put the device on a soft surface.
  • When the laptop’s fan gets clogged due to the accumulation of dust, hair or any other particulate.
  • When the internal hardware malfunctions, the laptop starts heating at a rapid pace. 

Signs that your laptop is overheating

You must be aware of the signs that point to overheating of the laptop. Even when you purchase one of the best laptops under 50000 or more, it will not remain immune from this problem. You can understand that the device is warming up excessively when:

  • You can physically feel the warm sensation on your palms while working on the laptop.
  • The device exhibits some instances of slowing down and consumes more time to finish a given exercise.
  • Any application freezes and stops responding to any input through the mouse or keyboard. 
  • The keypad or the touchpad becomes unresponsive.
  • The laptop unexpectedly shuts down and fails to restart within a few minutes.
  • A dialogue box crops up with a message warning you about the device getting heated up to an extreme level. 
  • When the fans start emitting loud noises as they begin spinning faster. The accumulation of high heat triggers this change as the fans try to cool down the device by getting rid of it. 

Preventing HP laptop from overheating and keeping it cool

By following some plain and simple steps, you can bring down the chances of your laptop overheating. 

  • Make room for sufficient ventilation for your laptops. You can ensure it by keeping the air vents open and free from any obstruction.
  • Avoid placing your laptops on soft surfaces. They require a firm and sturdy base to keep their temperature under control.
  • Clean your device’s air vents frequently to unclog them and facilitate uninterrupted airflow.
  • You can invest in a cooling pad that comes with in-built fans to maximize ventilation.
  • Enhance the laptop’s efficiency by shutting down the applications, web browsers etc. after you are done with your work.

Fixing an overheated laptop

While you can take all precautions to prevent your HP laptop from heating up, it may dodge all of them. So, you must be prepared to tackle the issue when any such situation crops up. Here are some essential steps that you must undertake:

  • Switch off the laptop and remove the charger (if it is plugged in).
  • Minutely examine the air vents and search for any congestion.
  • Use canned air to clean the air vents and render them free from any unwanted particles. If the fans continue with the loud operation, you need to get in touch with customer care.

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