VPN And SD-WAN – Private Networks For SMEs


VPN and SD-WAN are two terms that you should be interested in if you are concerned about cybersecurity in your company. However, you may be wondering what we mean when we talk about a VPN and SD-WAN and what are the advantages that come from using them. This article clarifies all your doubts and tells you why many companies have started using this type of solution.

What Are VPN And SD-WAN?

First of all, let’s talk about a VPN and SD-WAN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. In general terms, this type of technology allows local area networks between different devices even if they are not in the same place. Thus, files, printers and other resources can be shared, even when the computers are not in the same office. Expressed very simply, we can say that the local area network moves to the cloud.

It is much easier to understand what an SD-WAN is having this clear. In this case, we are talking about a software-defined wide-area network, or what is the same, a network defined by software. Consequently, the administration of the entire network is in the hands of the software and leaves aside the management of the hardware. 

What Are a VPN And SD-WAN For?

As we have already seen, a VPN and SDWAN is a solution that is gaining more and more momentum among large companies and also in SMEs. But what exactly are these technologies for? The objectives that VPN and SDWAN meet are diverse, ranging from greater efficiency when working to cybersecurity thanks to private networks. In the following sections, we analyze some of them.

Secure Communication Between Locations

Thanks to VPN and SD-WAN, the offices of the same company are privately communicating. Therefore, it is guaranteed that all data sent is transmitted with the utmost confidentiality. It is necessary to consider that we are facing a solution that seeks, above all, privacy. This is achieved thanks to encryption, which keeps all company information away from prying eyes. Because they are easy to configure, VPNs and SDWANs allow you to limit the bandwidth of specific users and some of the company’s applications. Of course, also prioritize the virtual and private network traffic over that of the Internet in the event of a collapse. And finally, network policy updating is done in real-time for all sites, if necessary.

The Higher Degree of Security Thanks To VPNs and SD-WAN

Vodafone offers greater security thanks to its VPN and SD-WAN solutions. You should know that browsing the Internet is safe thanks to the latest firewalls. In this way, it is possible to manage which applications access is enabled within the private network, discarding, in this case, those that are not productive or adequate. On the other hand, alerts are enabled to warn about access to dangerous resources and websites. In addition, detection is implemented to prevent harmful Internet traffic. All these features make the use of solutions such as Vodafone Augmented Connectivity highly recommended. Suppose an SME wants to renew its firewall current, increase protection against possible attackers and unify its network strategy in all its locations. In that case, it is beneficial to opt for this proposal.

Better Control of The Entire Network

Another function of a VPN and SDWAN is to offer an advanced network management interface thanks to an online portal where statistics of all kinds can be obtained. For example, the technicians will be able to know the traffic in a branch or the interaction with other components. Likewise, it is straightforward to see which users are active, which incidents have been registered and if any alarms have been triggered. On the other hand, those companies that have remote workers will be able to manage them efficiently. At this point, the word to emphasize is simplicity. Augmented Connectivity is the easiest way to view and control routing policies reliably and backed by a company like Vodafone.

Teleworking Is Enhanced

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is necessary to have flexible solutions within reach that provide mobility. The Vodafone VPN and SD-WAN included in your Augmented Connectivity package allow you to take business anywhere. In this way, the company can be managed from the office, home, or anywhere else. All employees have remote access to all network resources, such as files, devices, and computers. This leads us to one of the most valuable resources of any SME or large corporation: productivity. Increased Connectivity is a solution that provides security and reliability and allows you to do more with less. As a result, company resources are better utilized, employees work more comfortably, and greater efficiency.

All The Reasons To Choose VPN And SD-WAN With Increased Connectivity

When analyzing what VPN and SD WAN are and what it is for, it has become clear how essential solutions such as Vodafone Augmented Connectivity are for companies today. With this technology, even SMEs will maintain a high degree of security, especially if they have several locations. In addition, they will be more agile and fast, obtaining a unified service from which all the functionalities are managed. When a company needs a complete service with all the security functions that offer data in real-time, and that adapts to any business, opt for VPN and SD WAN solutions. It’s fundamental. You will find all the power of software private networks in Augmented Connectivity.

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