Comparison of VPN Services


Public WIFI poses a security risk to your business, and it can be reduced by using a VPN. Choosing the right VPN service will help our comparison.

In the article on VPN, we explained what a VPN is and its use. We pointed out the risks of surfing on public WIFI, and we explained how blocking by the state, or the service provider can be avoided. Today we look at connection protection services.

TIP: You can also use VPNs like getmoreprivacy to purchase tickets. You will save tens to hundreds of euros, and in what country it’s a different price.

What Is The Difference Between Free VPN Services and Premium Versions?

  • Data restriction-free VPN usually 500 MB per month;
  • Speed ​​- with free VPN, it is usually lower;
  • A limited selection of servers and countries to connect to;
  • Ability to use the service only on a limited number of devices;
  • Free VPN services can store more connection data;
  • Free VPN services can display advertising.

Opera VPN

Opera is a popular choice among demanding browser users. Once software developers began offering free and stable VPN connections, the popularity of the browser grew even more. Install the browser and enable VPN, and the user program automatically connects to the nearest VPN server.

Opera offers VPN services for both computers and mobile devices. However, Opera VPN only works when using a browser in the classic version, and other communications are not protected. For mobile devices, communication is encrypted outside the browser. This is a completely free and unlimited data service.


The provider originally started as a community project. Behind him are experts from the Swiss CERN, where the well-known Proton Mail service was created, which provides encrypted email accounts. The free package includes an unlimited data connection for one device. By purchasing a paid package, you will not only get higher speed and the opportunity to use more devices, but you will also support an excellent project.


The well-known service offers a choice of 3,354 servers from more than 60 countries. Our comparison is based on the cheapest paid service with a price of € 2.24 / month with a three-year subscription.

An interesting feature of the service is the use of a double VPN. Unlike traditional services, when you connect to one server, NordVPN connects to another server. The communication is thus doubly protected. We were also interested in the possibility of the simultaneous connection of up to 6 devices. The service itself recommends its account for smaller businesses, and for little money, it can protect employees in the field.


Simple but very popular service. Often referred to as the best choice. It is found in almost every comparison, and its rating is very high. It offers a choice of up to 94 different countries around the world. The biggest advantage of the service is not limiting popular torrents. In addition, it offers a standard and, by comparison, did not offend us.


It is a nice service that provides fewer servers than its competitors, but we haven’t seen any connectivity issues. In addition, it provides servers. Applications for all operating systems are a matter of course, and you can use one account on five devices. CyberGhost or lesmeilleursvpn also offers a free 7-day version that you should use for testing before purchasing.

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