Websites As Digital Employees In 2021


What The Digital Colleague Can Do For You & Your Team

A website is one of the things that a company needs at this time, it is an important figurehead and in the best case also the first point of contact that the company has with a new customer. But have you ever thought that there could be a lot more to this necessity? A good website can be a valuable employee. It does not replace a good team, because that is and will remain the heart of a small or medium-sized company. However, the website can be the digital extension of your employees. In this article, we will show you a few areas of application for your digital staff.

Infopoint & Reception

When we enter a shop or practice, we have to feel c, comfortable and welcome in the entrance area. This is also the case on the website. You can welcome your website visitors with an attractive start page. Try to achieve the same atmosphere there as you would at your real reception. There your customers will surely be greeted in a friendly manner by you or your employees, subtly pointed out to offers and services, and, in the best case, already familiarized with your branding.
Store window

Up to this point, your website visitors feel comfortable on the website, know your values, ​​and have a feel for your business. But what exactly do you offer? To make this clear, you should present your products and services. But try to go beyond the simple presentation of goods. You should present there as you would in a shop window – with strong images and videos, with a topic, a solution, and a feeling. A dull listing, on the other hand, is not very inviting.

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To ask? Certainly. Consultations are often the main reason for purchase. Your customers not only find out which product they need or which service is the right one, but you also create trust. The personal interview shows that your company has specialist expertise and provides information about your service. The website can help you make the first selection. There you can answer the most frequently asked questions, show various solutions, and provide some of your knowledge. Armed with this prior information, your customer will be happy to talk to you personally.

Tip: You can also communicate directly with your customers via the website. There are chat functions that can be easily integrated into your website. You will also find a chat on our website that connects you directly with one of our employees. 


 In the time of Corona, in particular, many shops rely on online sales. It does not matter whether you actually send the goods in the end, or whether you just process the purchase online and the product is picked up contactless at the end. An online shop can now be easily integrated into a website and filled quickly. Not all products are suitable for sale online? Well, then you only offer some of your goods in the shop. Again, the website is not intended to replace your shop or employees. This is also about another service option for your customers.

Appointment Assistance

How much valuable time do you spend coordinating appointments every day? Sure a lot. You can minimize this time with a virtual appointment calendar. Of course, there will still be customers who make appointments over the phone – that’s why you are at your reception. But with a digital appointment calendar, you can also reach customers who want to make an appointment from their cell phone while they are sitting on the train in the morning, for example.
Are you looking for new employees or trainees? Then let your website do it for you. With a job page, potential candidates not only receive important information about the application process and requirements, but you as a company also have the opportunity to generate interest in the application. Before applicants introduce themselves to you, you can and must prove yourself to be a good match on the job site. Tell about everyday working life, introduce the team and give an outlook on the career opportunities your applicants have in front of them. You can also integrate an online application or provide other contact options such as a chat or an email address so that applicants can take action directly.

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