What Is SEO Web Design?


If you are thinking of creating a page for your business, get to know SEO web design because it will be a successful formula for positioning yourself in search engines, generating business volume, and reaching your target audience.

SEO Web Design

You may be wondering what SEO web design is. It is something simple, set up a web page optimized for SEO positioning. That is, you can have the same website, just as beautiful but with two versions, “normal” or “SEO,” with slight differences. Following the SEO protocol, you can reach the top positions in search engines with effort and work.

In my opinion, except for institutional sites, the rest must be optimized for SEO positioning: businesses, NGOs, shops, companies. Everyone wants traffic on their page to get new customers or attract new partners in the case of associations. For this reason, positioning is a necessity for any project on the Internet.

From this, compare both ideas to merge them and achieve relevance in the online environment of your business.

What Is Web Design?

First of all, know what web design is:

Creation of a design that defines your business interpreted by browsers mixing content to make your project is known to any visitor: videos, texts, animations, and images. Your page should communicate your brand image, transmitting your brand values.

Elements Needed To Create A Web Design

To design your page, you need to have:

  • Domain: is the name of your website, being unique on the Internet. I leave you a publication to assess the types of environments.
  • Hosting: the server where your website will be hosted, the data visible on the Internet.
  • Responsive design: adapted to any device, computer, mobile, tablet,…
  • Logo: related to the activity or brand image, a necessary component to achieve a good branding of your business, check what a logo is.
  • Music: giving a livelier touch to your website.
  • Images: remember that they are your own or from royalty-free image banks. I leave you an article to assess ideas without copyright for free.
  • Videos: you can include them from YouTube to avoid loading the weight of your website because it penalizes SEO
  • Copywriting: consists of writing texts to capture the attention and interest of users who visit your website. Provide valuable content to gain the trust of your potential customers. The content will be scannable, facilitating compression and reading.
  • Data protection law: being committed to current regulations, including legal texts and acceptance of the privacy policy in the contact forms

Website Vs. Online Store

If you sell products, it will be necessary to create a web page selling articles or an online store. They are developed in the same way, and the difference is the sale of articles through payment methods to send them to the client. With WordPress WooCommerce, you will easily control the orders and stock.

What Is SEO?

In a way, SEO positioning can be defined as the protocol to follow to position a website in search engines following their evaluation criteria, avoiding illegalities to increase the relevance of your project in its ranking. 

Variables That Influence SEO Positioning

Having seen what SEO is, check the necessary elements for your business to improve its relevance on the Internet:

  • Keywords: related to your activity, they can be commercial to attract customers or add value to the user in a blog.
  • SEO On-Page: affects the web design to improve the user experience. The content is essential as it happens with optimizing the web, paying particular attention to the loading speed, and facilitating the net analysis to the search engines.
  • SEO Off-Page: in this case, the positioning is worked off the page, trying to gain popularity through a link-building strategy.

Tips To Improve Your SEO Positioning

Here are some ideas:

  1. For each page, position a keyword.
  2. Avoid tags and categories on the blog developing a publication calendar.
  3. Don’t forget local SEO with Google My Business, adding microdata to your website.
  4. Emojis will give a special touch to your meta descriptions.
  5. Don’t write long paragraphs.
  6. The keywords will be related to the content, timeless to generate traffic permanently. 
  7. Avoid excessive levels of depth in your page with valuable content.

Web Design And SEO Positioning

As you have seen, creating a website without SEO optimization does not make much sense. When a client has a page without SEO, it is worth making it new in the vast majority of cases because making the changes to optimize it is more expensive than starting the project again. Remind you that if you start your activity, it will be necessary to promote advertising on Google initially. If you have questions, contact us, and we will inform you without obligation to improve the relevance of your business on the Internet.

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