Which iPad Is Right For Me?


Anyone looking for a tablet can hardly ignore the Apple iPad. The iPad models are considered the measure of all things – and rightly so. But which model is the right iPad for your needs?

What Is Essential When Choosing An iPad?

It is well known that those who have the choice are spoiled for choice. The same applies to the search for the right iPad. Fortunately, Apple users still make it very easy: Basically, there are only four models to choose from. Well, the iPad Pro comes in two versions. Strictly speaking, you choose between five devices. In contrast to the host of Android models, the field of tablets in question remains exceptionally manageable.

With a total of five variants, Apple serves very different user requirements. This clarifies what you should do before making your decision: Think about what you want to use your tablet for.

  • Do you need a handy device for surfing, streaming, and reading on the go and at home? Then take a look at the iPad mini.
  • Are you looking for a powerful and, at the same time, inexpensive all-rounder that can also serve as a laptop replacement? In that case, the iPad is most likely the right choice for you.
  • Would you like to use your Apple tablet not only in your free time but also for work? Then there is a lot to be said for the powerful iPad Air.
  • Do you want an Apple device that meets the highest requirements? In the iPad Pro, you will find the perfect work device to develop your ideas and concepts effortlessly.

What Can The iPad Do?

Surprisingly, it is not the iPad mini but the standard iPad that is the cheapest model among the Apple tablets. In terms of technical equipment, the two devices are on par. But Apple’s basic model has a significant advantage over the mini version: Both support the first-generation Apple Pencil, but only the standard model is compatible with the Smart Keyboard. This makes it easy to do schoolwork or write essays.

The A12 Bionic Chip powers the Apple tablet. He ensures a strong performance. The 10.2-inch retina display, which scores high resolution, is a comfortable size for working and relaxing. More than just good photos can be achieved with the 8-megapixel camera. The iPad is also convincing in terms of battery power. For internal storage, however, most users should use the 128 GB version. Since Apple devices naturally lack a memory card slot, the iPad with 32 GB storage is only suitable for users who mainly store their files in the cloud.

Who Is The iPad Mini Suitable For?

The iPad mini is the ideal Apple tablet for users looking for a handy entertainment machine on the go. The flyweight (300 grams) is slim and compact to be easily stowed in almost any bag. On the brilliant 7.9-inch retina display, you can enjoy movies, surfing, or reading on the go. Even handwritten notes are no problem: The smallest Apple tablet is compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil. Only the Smart Keyboard is not available for the compact version. So you tend not to write long emails or even essays on the mini version.

The A12 Bionic Chip ensures excellent performance: Everything you do on the mini-tablet runs smoothly and jerk-free. Another plus point is the long-lasting battery, which can quickly provide up to 13 hours of energy. There is also a headphone jack on the iPad mini. However, there is no memory card slot. Therefore, the decision for the 64 GB or the 256 GB variant needs to be carefully considered.

What Can The iPad Air Do?

Investing in the more expensive iPad Air is worthwhile for you if you are looking for a potent device that can easily handle demanding tasks such as editing 4K videos. It is not only for your entertainment but is also an excellent tool for work or study.

On the one hand, this is due to the excellent performance of the A14 Bionic Chip. The same applies to the superb display size of 10.9 inches. The Liquid Retina display delivers just as brilliant a resolution as the iPad Pro 11. The color reproduction is wonderfully realistic. The display shows its strengths, particularly when streaming HDR content. A tiny drop of bitterness: In contrast to the Pro models, it only works with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. And the Air also comes without a stylus.

After all, the current Air already supports the second-generation Apple Pencil. The iPad Air can also be connected to either Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard. And after all, Apple uses a USB-C port as the main interface. Among other things, the tablet charges faster.

Who Is Suitable For The iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro is not only ahead in terms of price but also in terms of performance and features. The Apple device is available with an 11-inch or 12.9-inch display. In this way, the user can decide which size is most comfortable for him to work with. The collection comes with a sharp pixel density of 265 ppi. It is very bright, colorful, and rich in contrast. The panel can also be operated smoothly. This is due to the refresh rate of 120 Hertz and the sampling rate of 240 Hertz. Without a doubt, the iPad Pro houses one of the best displays on the market.

The M1 chip makes a decisive contribution to the breathtaking performance. It makes the Apple tablet so elegant that it can easily be used as a notebook replacement. All you need is the Magic Keyboard, with which the iPad Pro connects effortlessly. Of course, the tablet is also compatible with the second-generation Apple Pencil. Four loudspeakers reproduce an incredible sound. Five microphones capture the sounds that matter. The camera module contains a wide-angle, an ultra-wide-angle, and a LiDAR sensor that helps you to create 3D models.

All in all, there is little to criticize about the Pro. Because of the price range in which it moves, Apple’s top models are aimed at professional users who make intensive use of the iPad Pro and its possibilities.

For Whom Is The Switch To Android Worthy?

As with a smartphone, you are initially faced with choices when buying a tablet, iPad, or Android. You decide between the Apple universe and the open Google system. If you already use other Apple devices, it certainly makes sense to use a device from the US manufacturer for your tablet as well. You are familiar with the user interface, and data exchange between the individual devices is child’s play. You can also use the same apps on iPhone and iPad.

It looks different if you are already an Android user. Then reaching for the Apple device means a change. This can undoubtedly be achieved with a bit of patience. But this also applies to Android devices: You are familiar with the user interface, and data exchange is easy to organize. Among the tablets with the Google operating system, there are excellent alternatives for die-hard Android users. First and foremost, these are indeed the Samsung models, which compete with the iPads.

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