Young Talent – New Skills And Competencies In The Market


In recent years we have seen how new trades have appeared that did not exist a while ago . As expected, many are linked to digitization, since both small and large companies have undergone a digital transformation process before or after, and this is an area in which today’s young people, especially digital natives, can add a lot of value to a company. business.

The Most Demanded Profiles In The Future

Studies indicate that the profiles most in demand in the future will be, among others,

  • graphic engineers
  • Mobile and open source application developers
  • data analyst
  • Big data architects
  • Virtualization specialist
  • cybersecurity auditors
  • Telecommunications specialists.

Training, without a doubt, is the first step to get a good job, especially at the beginning, when our hard skills, that is, our knowledge, are especially relevant. But, in order to successfully adapt to the new professional paradigm, we also need to work on our soft skills , since companies are increasingly looking at them. These are characterized by being more transversal competences, associated with the personality and nature of the person.

There are many social skills. These are some of the most important, which can help us “earn points” when it comes to showing ourselves more competent in the market.

  • Communicative skills. The power of language should never be underestimated as fluid and clear communication is essential for any job.
  • Stress resistance. We work under pressure, regardless of the position we hold, so knowing how to deal with it, and with optimism, is highly valued.
  • Resolution capacity . It is about not seeing problems, but solutions.
  • Motivation and confidence. The first step to achieving goals is to visualize them, make us aware that we are capable of reaching them and strive day by day.
  • Because we can face as many situations as there are seconds, it is important to know how to adapt.
  • Planning. We must know how to discern between urgent tasks and those that are not. To comply, good planning is essential.
  • Teamwork . Sharing and nurturing the knowledge of others can only help us improve. The saying goes that you will only go fast but accompanied you will go further.
  • There are times when one must know what one’s individual tasks are and carry them out with the same precision as in a group.
  • Being a good leader involves many things. Among others, it requires organizational capacity, as well as knowing how to listen, decide and have charisma. Therefore, you have to train.
  • Building a network of professional relationships is a path that will most likely lead us to interesting job opportunities.
  • Continuous training. Renewed or die. In this world of rapid change, what is new today will be considered old tomorrow, so you must always be prepared.
  • Do not lose sight of ethical values . To achieve a good work environment, it is necessary that the personality of all employees is aligned with ethical principles. Sharing similar moral values ​​will make employees not see each other as enemies, but as colleagues.

Leaving aside the internal factors that we can —and must— work on, it is important that as a company we continue to promote young talent, since it is one of our best assets and generators of wealth. And, to prevent millennials from seeking new job prospects abroad, we must try to value them and promote their development. 

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