Virtual Switchboard For Companies, What Are The Advantages


The advantages of the virtual switchboard for companies compared to the traditional switchboard are many. If you don’t know them, you need to read this article urgently.

Although it may seem incredible, many companies do not want to grow. It is what in the business world has been coined as “companies with the Peter Pan syndrome.” In this sense, some companies do not want to grow in size and technology. They resist implementing new solutions under the statement “we are fine like this, why change.”

As a telecommunications operator, this reality puzzles us since we know the significant advantages of advancing technology, especially in the business world.

In this article, we wanted to collect the advantages of the virtual switchboard for companies, one of those solutions that many companies have not yet implemented and that is worth learning about and hiring as soon as possible.

Today, many companies are still wondering whether to have a virtual switchboard or a traditional switchboard. And although we understand that sometimes the change costs, in this case, it is worth it.

We tell you why to switch to a virtual switchboard.

Advantages of The Virtual Switchboard For Companies

There are many advantages of using a virtual switchboard within a company, from more efficiency to more flexibility, through economic savings. We tell you.


Calls are automatically forwarded to whomever they are addressed to, which makes receiving them more effective.

Flexibility and Mobility

It is possible to receive and make calls regardless of where you are. And you can also quickly modify the configuration through the web. In short, it is easy to use.

A Cheaper Solution

It does not occupy a physical space and is managed through the Internet. It is a less expensive solution, especially when compared with a traditional switchboard.

In addition, the provider can configure and maintain the switchboard remotely, which represents significant cost savings.


It helps you project a good professional image since no call will go unanswered, even if it is automatic.

Other advanced features such as the configuration of the welcome message, among others, will also help improve the image of your company.

Greater Control

And finally, the company has more control by offering statistics and call recording systems.

As you may have seen, the advantages of this technological solution are desirable for companies. Now, there are several aspects to take into account when hiring a virtual switchboard. 

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