Social networks are the new communication channel where brands create a community of users with whom they interact daily. Currently, if you are not on social networks, you do not exist. Every day we are more aware that our brand’s presence on social networks is essential, but do we know how to reach our target audience and sell our products and services through them?

This blog tells you why you should have a professional team that manages your company’s social networks to get new clients and increase your sales.


Managing a professional social profile requires a lot of time and specialized knowledge. A FanPage must have an experienced team that designs an effective social media strategy.

The Social Media Manager is a professional specializing in managing social networks. This professional leads a social network strategy, defining short, medium, and long-term objectives and the target or target audience to which each profile is directed. An editorial plan with publications made by professional designers and photographers provides the networks with quality content that transmits the brand image. He interacts with the user community. Maintains a direct and rapid relationship with them, giving feedback that makes them feel valued, achieving loyalty, and attracting new customers. Finally, it monitors the actions and analyzes the results to outline the strategy.



To effectively manage your social networks, you need time; usually, nobody has time. The current pace of life keeps us busy every hour, minute, and second of the day. Eight hours at work, between 1 and 2 hours to get from home to work, 1 hour to do some sport. Thirty minutes for lunch, 30 minutes for dinner. Eight hours (although they don’t usually get enough sleep. The house, the family. And the social networks of your business? The accounts don’t come out.

Managing social networks is not a matter of a second. Taking a photo and uploading it is a matter of a second. Taking a professional image with the right props, writing a caption that calls for action, uploading it at the best time to get a high reach, sharing it, and interacting with your community, is not a matter of a second.


You might think that anyone is capable of managing social networks effectively. However, it is a complicated job since even the most used social networks have complex operations based on algorithms and mechanisms that it is necessary to know in-depth.

Social Ads, engagement, Fan Page, Analytics, CPC, CPM, Hootsuite. Uploading a photo is a matter of a second, and understanding and managing all these concepts is a professional matter. If you want to see accurate results, you must delegate the management of your professional social networks to the hands of a Social Media Manager.

The communication agencies have professionals trained in advertising and marketing, specializing in managing social networks. These professionals will design a personalized editorial strategy and plan for your brand to achieve the proposed objectives.


What type of post gets the most performance? Who are your most active users? What impact do your hashtags have?

When you upload a photo and write its text, do you consider the target you are addressing and the objectives of your business in the short, medium, and long term?

Designing a Social Media strategy is impossible, or at least very complex, with little time and without specialized knowledge. A social media strategy must have a defined target audience and short, medium, and long-term goals. Once these points have been established, the actions to be carried out to achieve these objectives are defined. To design these actions, it is necessary to analyze the leading competing brands: your target, your designs, and your tone.

The strategy never ends. To properly function our social networks, we must monitor and analyze the results periodically. Analyzing engagement, web traffic, or conversion will be essential to outline the actions we carry out and redesign our strategy.


Taking a photo and uploading it is a matter of a second. Getting your photos to follow the same style and harmonize with each other takes a little more time.

Once our social media strategy is defined, we must design editorial and content plans.

A professional social network must transmit the company’s brand image and make the profile work as a showcase for the business. To do this, all publications must be designed following the brand’s aesthetics: corporate colors, typography, and logo. 

In addition to the photographs, insert content with the company’s philosophy, tips, advice, concepts, and other aspects related to the business sector. In addition to using the corporate colors and the company’s typography for these publications, it is necessary to consider the wording and the keywords. Correct language, which uses keywords that position your business as a reference brand in its sector, will help you achieve these objectives in the Social Media strategy.

Of course, your social network must be consistent in its posts. At what times do they publish more? What are your days with more intensity on social networks? These aspects must be taken into account when designing your editorial calendar.


Taking a photo and uploading it is a matter of a second. Getting an image taken and edited by a professional photographer with the right props and careful aesthetics is not a matter of a second.

In addition to the figure of the professional photographer, essential for the content of your social networks, you must have a graphic designer. 

We cannot forget that your business’s social networks must transmit your company’s values. Social networks also need specific content as we take care of the design of our logo and website. Remember that we have defined our target in the Social Media strategy. Now we must design engaging content for this target audience, which in turn adapts to the format and language of social networks. 


A journalist is specialized in writing news and articles for the media. A poet writes verses and a copy to write the texts for social networks.

We find another important professional figure for managing your networks: the copywriter or copy. 

We already have a good image and a good design. Now it is the turn of the text. Once we have attracted the user visually, we must finish convincing him by explaining that image.

Just as a good photograph needs time, a good text does the same. The copy must investigate the trends in your sector, analyze how the competition writes, and what your followers want to read. After writing several drafts, this professional will find the perfect text to get users to interact with your account.

Achieving engagement is one of the most critical tasks and, simultaneously, the most difficult of managing social networks. Are you looking for your publications to achieve an incredible reach and go viral? Trust a copywriter that makes your clients fall in love with their prose. 


If creating content periodically, with quality photographs and designs, with attractive text, is a task that requires time and advanced knowledge, social media campaigns are at the next level.

Do you want to generate sales? Do you want to get new leads? Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Before starting a campaign in Social Ads, we must consider the objectives that we want to achieve with it. Not only this. A social media campaign must accompany a specific strategy to obtain the desired results. Otherwise, we will invest a budget without benefits and, therefore, without a return on investment. Objectives should be specific and measurable. A professional in Social Media knows the most critical and significant metrics to monitor their clients’ networks.

Of course, the objectives need a strategy and engaging content that attracts the users’ attention. Determining the ad format and creative type that works best for each campaign is no easy task. It is the task of a professional on Social Media.


Considering all the aspects mentioned above, we will ensure that the user who comes across our social profile feels attracted by the shared content and visits our website.

Advertising agencies have professionals specialized in digital marketing who will create social media campaigns to obtain potential clients. The design of the strategy, creativity, and follow-up will help you get valuable leads that will become loyal customers of your business.


If 87.1% of the population uses social networks, what are you waiting for to sell on them?

This is a step-by-step. We already have new potential customers, and now we have to get them to trust our product. Tomorrow they will be loyal customers.

Social networks are the best showcase for your brand (as long as this showcase is designed by a decorator and not your neighbor on the 5th floor). Let’s use this showcase to show quality photographs and designs of our brand’s products and services and exploit this new sales channel.

Like lead generation, sales can also be the goal of your Social Ads campaign.


Everything in life is a learning process. An excellent professional never stops learning, much less in the advertising sector, which changes daily.

Every month, a professional in social networks must monitor the results achieved to verify that they meet the objectives set, measuring the scope of the publications and the interaction they generate. Through various analytical tools, the efforts made in the brand’s social networks are valued and the results are shared with the client.

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