Best Tips to Build Your Brand Blog With Tumblr


Popular blogging platform Tumblr combines the simplicity of Twitter with the traditional blog format and binds it all together with easy-to-use social networking features. In this article, we’ll go over the fundamentals of blogging on Tumblr. It will help you effortlessly develop your brand on this platform.

All You Need to Know About Blogging With Tumblr

Although Tumblr is one of the most straightforward micro-blogging platforms, there are a few essential things every aspiring blogger should become familiar with before diving in.

Tumblr Navigation

After creating an account, Tumblr will take you to the dashboard. You can post new content in any format, view the posts of followed or recommended accounts, and access your settings, private messages, and blog insights from this page. The Explore feature on Tumblr also lets you choose between Just For You and Trending. The first option displays a curated feed of blogs from content creators who either post articles similar to those you already follow or ones you recently liked.

Additionally, you can visit specific blogs. You can open them in a new tab to view the full blog or view them as a sidebar popup on your dashboard. 

Building an Attractive Tumblr Profile

An impactful Tumblr profile has a few essential components: name, age, location, and a quick bio or favorite quotation. The first thing users will notice when they open your profile through the app is your cover photo. So, consider adding an attractive picture to your existing profile page to maximize your brand’s impact.

Include an About page on your blog that links to your other social media accounts to summarize your background, and explain why you’re using Tumblr. Furthermore, customize your Tumblr appearance  to help your readers understand your personality. The foundation of Tumblr is informal, sincere communication. The more you express yourself in your posts, the better your content will perform. The soundest advice for any social media platform is to be yourself!

Post Creation

The possibilities for posting are virtually endless on Tumblr because of its wide range of media types. Nevertheless, not all post types are successful. Videos and music are always an excellent idea because of the massive traffic on Tumblr’s mobile platform. Short text posts and image collections with no more than five pictures typically perform the best. However, it’s up to you what you post! You can reuse content from other platforms, but don’t be afraid to show your creativity.

Using Hashtags

On Tumblr, tagging your content makes it stand out because you can make it conspicuous. You can make your content visible to people who aren’t just your followers. This way, more people can find your exemplary work and appreciate it. 

You can discover worthy content that invokes your interests by using tags. To ensure you never miss your favorite content, you can track the hashtags that might interest you. Regarding searches, Tumblr typically excludes any hashtag phrase past the fifth tag on a single post, meaning the hashtags you put after the fifth tag won’t help your content rank higher in the search results. Prioritize those tags that are the most crucial for a better reach. Always include the most vital hashtags in a single post before publishing it on Tumblr. Finally, follow the best social media hashtag practices to gain an edge over other brands in your niche.

Connecting With the Audience

Since Tumblr cultivates a sense of community, engaging with your followers is essential for growth and success. Although going viral on Tumblr isn’t guaranteed, having a massive network of contacts, or mutuals, can undoubtedly help. It’s a good idea to start by following blogs you genuinely like. Use the replies function or perhaps the chat box to express your admiration for a particular creator. You’ll certainly develop a network of contacts and friends no matter where you begin. That initial greeting is all that is necessary.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s impossible to gauge the level of success you’ll achieve on Tumblr. Success on social media requires time, effort, and a little pinch of luck. However, it needn’t be stressful because of that! Investing in Tumblr Media marketing tools will allow you to strike it lucky to some extent. Every platform has algorithms that promote content that has already tasted the sweetness of success more than content by new creators, and Tumblr is no exception. Furthermore, you must take care of your online privacy by embracing a residential proxy that works perfectly with the Tumblr platform.

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