The Biggest Challenge For Brands Will Be Attribution Systems


The biggest challenge that brands will face next year is attribution systems. Most of the market continues to measure the performance of their media mix through click-based models or, even worse. This does not allow them to have a real vision of how each action is converting, and they only have the concept of the entrance support to the web, which they qualify as the success of their campaigns.

With our technology, we analyze the entire customer journey and automate each channel to work in the phase where they contribute to the conversion.

It is difficult to determine where the market will move when this happens. But today, the entire digital advertising market is based on cookies, so most are focused on adapting to it. Both SEO and own media will grow, but the relevance will give this that the generation of quality content is gaining.

Brands have been very focused on carrying out actions focused on the lower part of the funnel, and now, if they want to increase their audience, they have to work on strategies from the top to the bottom of the conversion funnel. The content generation works very well with the top and middle funnel.

When we talk about content, we are not referring to generating content only in the brand’s media, but to something much bigger: really quality content that makes brands connect with users, standing out from the rest.

It is no longer enough to generate content within a brand’s media to capture the consumer, and it is necessary to impact each target in the right place and at the right time. Our methodology affects each user in the channel that best suits their interests. Each user consumes content in a specific way, and we can reach them with the media that best suits their mode of consumption. If users only consume audio formats in Clubhouse, they will have to be impacted within the said platform.

There is no single piece of advice, and I would recommend having partners that provide a 360 vision of implementation and integration of technology, data analysis and media buying. Advertisers need to activate all their data, and we automate to treat the press in a much smarter way. In our case, we work with data analysis and automation through robots that are unique in the market.

Getting custom strategies and creatives would be the second tip. We personalize all actions to the maximum, not only in design but in disruptive formats that ensure that our brands always stand out from the rest.

In short, it is not about brands trying to improve just one channel or technology; they have to be able to count on partners that help them control and automate the entire digital process to sell twice as much with the same advertising budget.

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