Either You Adapt To The Mobile Or You Stay Behind


The mobile is the device with which we interact the most, therefore, why not take advantage of it to advertise?

We live in a world where consumers use their mobile phones in all kinds of situations. Nowadays, they use it more and more to search for information about a product or service and the purchase process. According to Google Consumer Barometer, an average person checks their mobile phone 150 times a day or actively uses it for 1.5 hours, which makes it easier for advertisers to reach their audience.

Smartphones, according to Consumer Barometer statistics, are essential in daily life, since 80% of users use them. They have transformed consumer behavior and the way they shop. 58% of users use their smartphones to research or buy products.

The first thing to do is have a responsive design for your website. The harder you work to optimize your site for mobile, the more profitable it will be and the higher the conversion rate will be. Currently, Google has adapted its algorithms to the new search patterns on mobile devices. This is key to win customers and retain them. Users, if they find a web page not adapted to their mobile device, end up quickly abandoning it to find another that is optimized.

we increasingly turn to our mobile devices when we want to find or buy something since we want quick answers. Mobile advertising gives you many advantages, such as:

  • Improve sales with the Click-to-Call button. This is achieved by calling the direct phone number that appears in the mobile ad so that your customers connect directly with the company.
  • Target your customers based on their interests, demographics, or behaviors.
  • Increase offline sales with location-based ads specifically targeting those looking for local businesses.
  • Connect more consumers to what they are looking for through site links to help go directly to a specific page.

How is the mobile experience in your company? Don’t get left behind and make sure you have a good mobile presence.

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