Hackers Rely On ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE To Be More Efficient


The Covid-19 pandemic has been a driving force that has accelerated the development of cybersecurity solutions. Hackers need to see the results. They look for ways to circumvent the barriers put in place and increase the effectiveness of their attacks. These offenders now rely on artificial intelligence to do so.

A study carried out by Trend Micro reports on the evolutions that cyberattacks may follow in the coming years. It emphasizes the role that artificial intelligence (AI) will play and hackers’ exploitation of connected objects. These developments are their responses to the investments made in companies since the health crisis. Indeed, the pandemic has promoted hybrid working. This has prompted companies to strengthen the security of their computer systems. These actions were carried out jointly with publishers of cybersecurity solutions. However, Trend Micro advances new recommendations to limit the risk of hacking.

Automated Attacks

Trend Micro calls for preventive actions from companies and competent authorities. The specialist draws attention to the importance of a defense strategy through a detection solution. It also underlines the interest in an appropriate policy to respond to possible attacks and facilitate access to the initial data. The help of an IT consultant is helpful in this case.

According to Trend Micro, toughening penalties against actors involved in cyberattacks is equally crucial. The structure here solicits the government authorities. It also supports the adoption of cryptocurrencies with an appropriate legal framework. The aim is to promote transparency and protect consumers from the risk of fraud. The policy implemented should also help to combat money laundering.

In its study called The Near and Far Future of Today’s Ransomware Groups, Trend Micro relates the risks with AI. According to the specialist, hackers can rely on automation to multiply attacks. Threats will also be increased regarding IoT (Internet of Things) and the Cloud system. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of the Cloud in business in the face of the generalization of telework.

Cybersecurity Spending On The Rise

According to Trend Micro, hackers also risk reviewing their business model, which relies on ransomware. They seek to deal with the defence strategies deployed in companies and the effects of the policies adopted.

The other change lies in the value chain of hackers. Ransomware hackers will be able to develop attacks targeting supply chains. Through this action, they want to limit reliance on initial access brokers.

The risk that they exploit the transactions using the stolen data is not excluded. According to experts, cyber hackers may even sell them to cybercriminal groups. Collaboration with government authorities and certain criminal unions is also possible.

Demands for cybersecurity solutions have evolved following the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation has led publishers to improve their applications to respond to this change and resolve the shortcomings identified. Cybersecurity spending has increased accordingly.

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