How A CRM Works. Sales And Management Power For Your Company


Installing a CRM in your company will help you grow and establish yourself among the competition, and we will see how and why.

Close More Contracts

Regardless of the size of a business, the sales management process can always be improved. Those who are used to working with databases know that databases are living entities. They are born, grow, reproduce, and, if all goes well, they offer us the necessary information so that our company and our sales grow at the rate that our customer databases do.

Managing this information knowing how a CRM works is the best option since our CRM applies pre-designed patterns that automatically analyze the data and present us in a simple report the information necessary to know what to do at all times.

And it is much more convenient and faster since it allows us to keep track of all the information and all the customer interactions from one place.

Contact Management

A CRM allows us to have a complete perspective of our clients and automatically group them into different parameters: purchase volume, billing dates, contracted products or services, service provision dates, etc.

In the same way, and from the same company management software, we can retrieve all the information about a client to analyze the degree of satisfaction, the periodicity of contacts, incidents and technical solutions to these, and even the activity that this client has had in your social channels.

Having a complete perspective of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account conversations, allows you to get an overview of the customer to make decisions.

In addition, our CRM Management Software is integrated into your telephone system so that you will have all the information regarding the calls of your agents.

Opportunity Management

In addition to knowing what has happened, we need to know what is happening. A CRM allows you to know all the details about the negotiations your commercial or telemarketing team is carrying out: in what phase is the negotiation, what products are being offered in real-time, competition, budgets, and much more.

Sales Collaboration

A CRM also connects all the employees of the company, offering them to share the sales experience. That is, if a sales strategy works for an operator or salesperson, the rest of the team knows at all times how that sale has been made, being able to import the model to close more sales.

Productivity Increases.

Collecting all the information to analyze the status of your company’s sales can take hours of work and gather hundreds or thousands of documents that often do not have the information you need. In addition, crossing all this information requires a knowledge of statistics and management that is unavailable to all managers. Using a single dashboard to obtain all the information you need to analyze your data will save you time and money to spend on more important things than collecting information manually. Our CRM also has presets that offer the relevant information in just a glance.

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Make Decisions With Perspective.

Companies should not be managed by impulse or intuition. It is necessary to have real information and data to support our decisions. A CRM offers the necessary insight to make smart decisions.

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