You Should Know These Five Whatsapp Functions


Send voice messages hands-free, create your GIFs, don’t forget to reply to messages, …
These five tricks make communication via the WhatsApp instant messaging service even more accessible.

Record Voice Messages Hands-Free

Voice messages make communication a lot easier. However, constantly breaking off in the middle of the news can get quite annoying. The finger only has to slip briefly, and zag has been recorded so far and has been sent or deleted. But did you know that you can also send your voice messages hands-free?

To do this, start the voice message as usual and swipe up with your finger. A lock appears, which symbolizes that your voice message will now continue to be recorded without holding down the button. You can still quit, cancel or delete them.

Create Your GIFs

Short videos repeated a few times can loosen up some conversations and always make for a laugh. But did you know that you can even make them your GIFs?

If the video is longer than 6 seconds, you have to trim it before further processing on WhatsApp. To do this, select any video from your gallery and forward it to your desired contact. Then switch from the camera symbol to GIF in the upper right corner, and your short video will be played in a continuous loop.

Write To Multiple People Without Group Chat.

Do you want to write the same message to several people but not feel like opening a new group? Then it would help if you remembered this trick.

You can use broadcast messages to send the same message to several contacts at the same time. Create a new list with all desired contacts via broadcast, compose a message, and send it.

Don’t Forget To Reply To Messages You Have Already Read.

It happens to all of us that we forget to reply to a message that we have already read. This is not poorly meant, but simply because the news is no longer marked with the blue dot. But you can also take remedial action against this.

If you swipe to the right on the chat in the overview, you can mark the message as unread. You will then see another blue dot on the conversation, and you will be reminded that you still have to answer.

Find Out Which People You Write To The Most With

WhatsApp makes what is not possible on Facebook, at least in part. You can find out about the data and memory usage with whom you are writing how many messages.

To do this, click on Data and Storage Usage in the app and then on Storage Usage. An overview of all contacts is displayed there. By pressing the connection, you can get more detailed information about the sent text messages and files.

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