How To Exhibit Your Photos At Home


How to exhibit your photos at home? Nowadays, with our smartphones, we take hundreds of photographs, immortalizing all the most beautiful and important moments of our life, as well as moments of pure lightheartedness. The problem is that, with the dizzying increase in the number of photos taken daily and the loss of the “old” film rolls, the printed photographs have drastically dropped. And this is how the photographs end up staying inside smartphones destined to break within a few years, or in old hard drives, or even in who knows what folder in the cloud. By doing so, even in the multiplication of images, the actual memories are missing: much better than printing the most significant photos, inserting them in special photo albums or, why not, displaying them at home. But how to display the photos in the apartment? What media to use, and how to place the photographs at home? Here are some ideas.

The Best Media For Displaying Your Photos At Home

Once, when you wanted to exhibit your photos at home, there was no other possibility than the classic metal or wooden frames to hang photos on the wall or display them on the house’s furniture. Fortunately, today it is also possible to turn to some interesting alternatives. Let’s think, for example, of canvases for photographic prints to transform your photographs into real paintings: with this support, the images are printed directly on the canvas, which is mounted on a frame – in all respects. Like in a painting – ready to hang, without the need for expensive frames.

Another alternative, designed, for example, for larger photographs, is that of the photographic poster, to be printed in large size and then typically framed with an extremely thin and light frame so as not to take your eyes off the photo.

Given the various supports, let’s see some tips to better position the photographs at home!

How To Place Photographs In The House

Those who want to place more photos at home should look for logical links between the various images to allow a dialogue between the various photographs; the simplest way is to create small areas dedicated to different themes (family, nature, and so on). It is good to identify places that the eye can easily reach, not too remote or dark corners, and not excessive heights.

When you decide to display photographs on the wall, you can opt for compositions of many small photographs, with frames of different sizes, or for a single large photograph printed on canvas or a photographic poster.

The best places to hang photos are on the wide walls, on the sidewalls of the interior stairs and the shelves. A recent trend is to attach photos along a thread that runs on the wall, often completed with nice lights.

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