How To Manage Your Time Effectively At Work

time management

It is said that haste is not a good adviser. However, it is almost always a bad idea because chaos and stress never disappoint. That’s why the best way to avoid stress is to organize your time at work.

With the schedule in sight and a pen in hand, you have to write down all the tasks that arise throughout the working day. And not only that, but it is also necessary to establish an order based on the urgency or importance of the task in question.

What To Do To Be Better Organized At Work?

There is no manual for beginners that sets the user’s rules to manage your time effectively at work. There are also no self-help books. However, at some point in our working lives, we all have heard advice from colleagues that give us clues and guidelines to be more productive. 

Here are some of these tips that may be of help to you…

  • Always have a schedule in which you can write down the tasks and work for days. Always add a deadline before the deadline for delivery.
  • Rank tasks in order of importance. Leaving the most important tasks for last is not a good decision because it devalues the work due to lack of time.
  • In line with the previous point, prioritize the most urgent tasks.
  • Advance pending work in spare time. Always during your work hours. 
  • Forbidden to take accumulated work home. The free time of every human being is for personal and non-transferable use. 
  • Schedule all pending meetings or calls.
  • Reserve a few hours to dedicate your body and soul to any urgency or circumstance that may arise.
  • Take a break to clear your mind. Disconnecting from work from time to time helps increase performance.
  • Meet often with your classmates to share those aspects related to the activities that must be done in a group.
  • Bring homework up to date. Don’t leave any for the last minute.
  • Get rid of work-related hobbies (mobile phones, social networks, etc.)

What Can Happen If We Don’t Organize Our Time Well At Work?

Poor organization at work can generate a state of constant stress and nervousness that is not good for your health. To this, we must add an inevitable consequence: your boss loses the trust he had placed in you. Your lack of performance, accompanied by a decrease in productivity, supports his distrust and is irrefutable proof that you are not doing your job well.

Among the situations that can occur as a result of poor organization, we highlight the following:

  • Anxiety disorders.
  • Fatigue and work stress.
  • Unsustainable work environment.
  • Quarrels and fights between colleagues or employees and bosses.
  • Accumulation of pending tasks.
  • Work overload.
  • Negativity can contaminate the personal life of the worker.
  • Dismiss.

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