How To Pamper Your Customers Online & Offline


Do you know that behind all commercial promotions, there is a well-thought-out strategy? A good promotion can have several objectives and work very well if you hit the right key.

With the appearance of ecommerce, everything commercial has had to adapt to new technologies and twist the traditional concepts of advertising and communication with the client. Although you do not have a direct deal with your consumer in your online store, you must treat them with the same care and pay attention to each step of the purchase process.

When he enters your website, when he looks at a file of your product, he passes it to the cart and finally decides to buy it. Of course, the packaging is another strong leg and the last link in the chain.

But let’s go in parts. If you have a physical store, expanding knowledge about Technologies applied to the sale may be the difference between getting the maximum profitability from your business or not.

Factors For a Promotion To Be Practical:

  • Identify your customers, also potential ones: put yourself in their shoes, what you would like them to offer you.
  • Study your product: at what point of life it is. There are 4 phases: introduction (you have just released it for sale), growth (it has sales, it is already moving in the market), maturity (it has been on sale for a while and has reached its sales cap), and decline (it takes time and they are usually products that are leftover from stock).
  • Create a reasonable offer: both in the sense that it is attractive to our customer, offers value, and is easy to understand.
  • Measure the response of consumers: you have to monitor the reaction to promotions to know if the reception is good or not and if you can repeat it at some point.

A Practical Example of Promotion: Sun Cream

I’m going to give you an example, so you know what I mean when I talk about promotions. Every season you order products for your store.

When summer arrives, you decide to sell a line of sun creams. You put up a visually cautious stand with the jars of said cream and a poster with images according to the audience you want to address: children playing on the beach, a girl sunbathing, or a man walking. A couple of months go by, and the beach and vacations are over, so your sales drop. What do you do with the leftover products?

You have two options: either you put them on any shelf next to other creams without highlighting it, or you give a twist to the situation. You can use a trading strategy based on “SALE,” “Last units!” “Price drop,” or, and this is where having a well-designed plan comes into play, finding another target audience.

If before it was those who use the summer to go on vacation and relax, now we will address those who take care of their skin all year round and look after their skin. Sell ​​sun creams as products that can be used in any season because, although we do not expose ourselves to the sun as much, it is still harmful and can cause spots or other significant diseases.

And if in winter you still have some products in stock, recycle the associated image and put a boy skiing.

If you carry out a sales strategy before placing an order for any product, do a study of your clientele and the promotional and advertising actions that you can design, you will get profitable!
It is evident that to carry out this, you must have basic marketing knowledge, but I am going to leave you some actions that you can start doing right now in your business, whether physical or online. Remember that the difference is in how you will carry out those promotions, but the end is the same: to sell. Constantly adapt to the channel and your audience. First of all, I’ll show you …

Promotion at The Offline Point of Sale:

Create a Different & Original Space:

Make your customer feel comfortable in your establishment. If you want to highlight a product, create a space around it different from the rest. Take care of the colors and elements you include, such as furniture, posters, etc.

Try and Buy:

The option that the customer can test the product before buying it is pretty attractive. They are promotions at the point of sale. It doesn’t matter what you sell. If it is a cologne or a computer, the important thing is to create a feeling of security for the consumer that he buys, knowing that he will like it. Set up a stand inside your establishment with a person in charge of offering the product. Another example is free samples.

Show The Product:

Either on mannequins (because it is clothes), in a place shaped like a palm tree (because they are bananas), or set up small rooms if you have a furniture store. The essential thing is to attract attention in a positive, original, and, why not, fun way.

Promotion at The Online Point of Sale:

Discounts :

You may be thinking that this is not only for online stores. And you’re right, but in the digital world, you can play with time. That is, your client has taken your product to the shopping cart, although… oops! He decides to leave and does not finally acquire it. Create a tracking pixel that follows your customer during their browsing, offering them the same product at a lower price. Does it sound familiar to you? Hotels and airlines do it a lot. You can also send him an email if he is a registered user with a discount code valid for that day. You will create a sense of urgency.


Tell your customers that they can get immediate gifts and enter a raffle if they register their purchase on a website. With this action, you can achieve several objectives: increase your database, track your customers’ purchases to see what sells the most, and build loyalty.

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