How Marketers Worldwide Can Use TikTok Successfully


The Chinese video network TikTok is clearly on the rise when it comes to entertainment. Not only that, because of the video content, users stay longer on the app than with others. First attempts with advertising placements show that TikTok will soon also be central as a platform for innovative marketing.

What TikTok Is And Why It is Interesting For Marketing

The TikTok video platform is inspiring Generation Z. But why is that?

One of the reasons could be that use as a consumer is only possible without registration. That means the entry barrier is shallow. You only need to create an account if you want to share a video yourself.

Another reason is communication that works almost exclusively through videos, which is the main advantage because people are more willing to follow a video than to read something.

The third main reason is the challenges that grew up on TikTok. In addition to lip-syncing, dance or other challenges to a piece of particular music. TikTok also promotes the breakthrough of musicians who make their music available there for free.

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Advertising On The Platform

As a network, TikTok offers you exciting opportunities. Around 66% of the users are younger than 30 years and are therefore in an exciting target customer group.

There are different ways to advertise on the platform. In addition to native advertisements, there is also the option of promoting challenges that promote your brand.

For example, Pepsi launched a large-scale advertising campaign for Christmas. This reached over 5 million users and achieved an engagement rate of 27%. A jackpot among the campaigns!

Advantages & Disadvantages of The TikTok Video Network


  • The network is in the growth phase, and users have a higher level of acceptance for advertising because they have grown up with it and are more receptive
  • So far, companies from the fashion, beauty, food, travel, fitness and electronics sectors have been  represented


  • TikTok does not currently offer marketers any options for monitoring corresponding performance data. With the rapid development of the network, however, it can be assumed that this feature is only a matter of time.
  • It’s hard to find users who fall into the target audience over 30 years of age. Even if TikTok is increasingly trying to attract older users, the app’s focus will probably remain on Generation Z.

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