Mobile Updates -Why Do Updates Take Time To Reach Your Mobile?


We have already reminded you on more occasions of the importance of having your mobile updated. When the notice arrives, the logical thing is to proceed with its download and installation to have the latest news in terms of functionalities and security. However, updates may take longer than expected to arrive in some situations. Why is this happening?

The news about operating system updates on different mobiles is constant. Be it a minor update in a small patch or a significant operating system update; they are all highly anticipated. But sometimes, the user waits and waits, and the update never comes. This can happen since the manufacturer has announced the update or even when other people with our same mobile already have the new version.

Where Has The Update Been Released?

It is essential to know in which region the update has been released. We may hear news about new versions, but they pertain to another country or market. Manufacturers sometimes release their updates in some markets as part of the initial testing period. If all goes well, it will be launched in other countries, but that takes time. Therefore, if we read that an update has been found, it does not mean it has also landed on our market.

Batch Upgrade

This term refers to a widespread practice of manufacturers. Updates are released “in batches.” That means that it will not reach all markets or all models at the same time. Even when the update is released in the same region, it is possible that two users who have the same mobile do not receive the patch at the same time and one has to wait longer than the other.

The Operator May Be The Cause.

When we acquire a mobile from an operator, the official Rom may be somewhat modified. This means that the operator has been able to integrate its add-ons in additional applications or services. When this occurs, there can be delays between the official release of an update by the manufacturer and when it lands on carriers’ devices.

The Update Has Stopped.

This is another reason why an update may take longer to arrive. Luckily it is not a case that usually occurs frequently, but we have seen it on several occasions. When an update causes unexpected failures, the manufacturer can choose to stop the process so that those who did not update will see how the warning does not arrive. Only when the update process is resumed will we see how our mobile launches the corresponding notice.

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