2022 is just around the corner, along with the desire to feel new. As usual, the time has come to take stock and make the list of good intentions for the new year. Every new beginning brings the need to make promises and draw up a list of dreams to achieve or goals to achieve. But how many times have these lists remained in the drawer without ever being made?

This year we will help you. As? With gadgets that give substance to all your good intentions for the new year.


Setting goals is necessary to give direction to our daily actions. Often, however, we do not “aim well” and end up being scattered. Because? Because the objectives must always be “SMART,” that is:

  • Specific: simple to understand and follow
  • Measurable: it must be possible to verify its progress
  • Achievable: ambitious but realistic
  • Relevant: important to you
  • With a deadline: Deadline makes you focused

Our gadgets will help you do just that: to make your New Year’s resolutions less abstract!

“Having a healthier and more active lifestyle: constancy and desire for change.”

December is the month of lunches, dinners, appetizers and toasts. In short, any excuse is good for a slice of pandoro, a hot chocolate or a glass of mulled wine. But with every bite, we promise ourselves a new life starting January 1st. A little to lessen the feelings of guilt because the beginning of the new year makes us want changes and rebirths. So we promise gym memberships, lots of fruit, lots of vegetables and a few sugars. And this is where gadgets come to our aid!

What is the best – and easiest – way to maintain an active lifestyle? Walking, of course. We often find it hard to carve out an hour to play sports, but – whether it’s because of the commute from home to work or for a walk with the dog – you can always find an excuse to walk. How to stay motivated by measuring your results? With a personalized smartwatch.

“Saving money: find a valid reason!”

We promise to save after days of spending sprees, shopping, and gifts. The whims were many, from dinners with friends to disco outfits. January is the month in which we promise to “row the oars.” The solution? A great classic: the pig-shaped piggy bank, but more special. Yes, because it used to be a plastic bottle! This piggy bank is made from recycled felt, so you not only protect your savings but the oceans too! 

“Being more organized: a turning point for your productivity!”

New beginnings push us to want to be better. The secret of efficiency always lies in the organization! The list of gadgets here could be endless. Our favorites? The smart and green ones.

Your desk cannot be missed: planner, diary, organizer, powerbank and document holder. Bamboo, wheat, cork, linen… There are many eco-sustainable materials. And the personalization makes you feel at home, wherever you are.

“Travel more: conquer the world!”

How many times have we written it on our wishlist? But how do we quantify it? How many times at the end of the year have we felt that we have achieved this dream? Visualize it with the scratch map: you can proudly admire the “conquered” places at the end of the year.

“Being more sustainable: contagious positive habits.”

Often good intentions are linked to our well-being, but it is increasingly difficult to untie them from the world around us. And so, the desire to be more eco-friendly is also part of our goals. But how is it done? What makes the difference are many small daily actions: from reducing the consumption of meat to the use of ecological detergents to the banal “turning off the water while brushing your teeth.” The choice of everyday objects is certainly one of them.

So what are the gadgets that cannot be missing in our 2022? Water bottles and a shopping bag allow us to reduce the use of plastic. Toothbrush, lunch box, pens… In short, all those objects whose continuous “disposable” could be bad.

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