NFT – What Is It? And What Business Opportunities Do They Offer Us?

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We are sure that you have asked yourself the following NFT questions. What is it? What business opportunities do you offer me? We must point out that NFTs are a type of Token that has become a phenomenon with great potential as a business model. Only in the year 2022, its market was over 40 billion dollars. Today, many buy images, video clips, and even cartoons for stratospheric figures. So every day, more companies and celebrities are getting involved in this world that is changing investments and the digital economy as we understand it.

NFT What Is It?

It is a persistent question today, NFT What is it? Well, it is the Non-Fungible acronym Token, which would be something irreplaceable and unique in the digital economy. A physical example would be a passport that, although they are similar, none can be exchanged for another. Unlike physical bills or virtual coins that can be exchanged for another of the same denomination without losing their value. Example: trading a $10 account for another $10 bill or one Bitcoin for another. In the end, you will have the same amount. The latter is known as fungible tokens.

On the contrary, NFTs work differently since they are digital tokens of which there is no other equal. Therefore, they cannot be interchanged with each other. Another of its characteristics is that they are personal. That is to say, in most of them, there is a certificate to show who their owner is. We are talking then about authorship that is protected and controlled.

How To Understand The NFT Ecosystem?

To know how NFTs operate, you must keep in mind three fundamental concepts:


NFTs operate based on blockchain technology. A shared ledger on a decentralized network. That can be reviewed by anyone who is part of the network. The information in this database is in the form of a chain of blocks. 


It is not just a cryptocurrency. Ethereum is an open-source platform that uses blockchain technology. In this network, cryptocurrencies or projects are installed on a public blockchain. It is important to note that most NFTs are part of this network.

Smart Contracts

Programs found in the blockchain facilitate transactions between two parties. They transform the terms of the contracts into computer code, executing the trade automatically when all the words are met.

NFT What Is It? And What Are Its Uses?

Due to the characteristics above, NFTs are used to replicate the properties of physical or digital items, such as:

  • Images, drawings, songs, or videos.
  • Items or collectible pieces.
  • Tickets to events 
  • Program license. 

NFTs What is it? Creators and artists should know this question as these tokens represent an excellent opportunity to market their works. Thus they can access a world market to monetize their digital creations with the possibility of copyright and being able to claim your percentage of royalties for each transaction.

What Business Opportunities Do I Have With NFTs?

NFTsWhat is it? We can say that they are the digital equivalent of art collectors and trading cards. A person may purchase an NFT of a piece of digital art because he likes it and wants to keep it, or he may buy it to sell it later at a higher price. Therefore, the profits generated by these transactions could be reinvested in other larger projects.

An NFT can be used as a club membership card or as an identifier for special events and discounts. This element makes NFTs an essential tool for community and brand building. Although its most frequent use is currently speculative, with NFTs, the options are very varied. Some remain to be explored, such as combining NFTs with physical objects: such as vehicles, goods, and real estate.

With all this, the question we constantly ask ourselves during this NFT article is straightforward: what is it? as well as the business opportunities they offer us. It only remains to enter this exciting world.

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