Six Consumer Trends For 2022

Consumer Trends

Normality, which has changed the trends, perceptions and behaviour of consumers. How has it changed? It is the question we have to ask ourselves to know, understand and identify the market that surrounds us and thus be able to respond to new consumption habits.

We guide you to the most relevant consumer trends for 2022.

Online Shopping

For a couple of years, purchases have accelerated, going from physical stores to online stores. Be careful with this trend, as the lockdown and the pandemic have made consumers impulsive in their purchases, buying to combat boredom and the need to wait for something. Although this trend peaked in 2020, reports show that this behaviour will continue. Understanding consumer expectations will be essential to success. The consumer will praise the use of easy, quick and comfortable forms, innovation and technology.

Advance Sales

The panic that has arisen in recent years due to problems such as product shortages, transportation complications, increased energy costs, etc., has led to many companies launching pre-sales of their products. In this way, the consumer can purchase it without fear of being without it. This trend also affects edible products thanks to teleworking and the collection of stocks in the face of the insecurity situation. This benefits producers and retailers by allowing them to create better forecasts and avoiding stock breakages. Advance sales are a good strategy for any company. Still, care must be taken with the purchase process to avoid system errors that cause the customer to have a bad experience and turn it against us on social networks.

The Shopping Cart

One of the biggest problems of online consumption is the abandonment by consumers of their virtual shopping carts. Some studies calculate it as around 60-80%. The economic insecurity generated by the pandemic has made users look for savings and play online to “dream about what I want to have”. I would like to have it, but I can’t. Faced with these attitudes, organizations can help decision-making by improving purchasing processes by encouraging consumers to complete their orders, including, for example, express delivery ., or providing security and satisfaction through payment and return methods… In addition, in this way, we help build customer loyalty since it has been shown that one of the main reasons for joining a brand.

Social Life and Socialization

Despite recovering the “normalization” of pre-pandemic life, many actions of this time have led to negative feelings such as feeling antisocial, uncomfortable when relating, and fear of contagion… These feelings and the customs acquired in quarantine, like discovering cooking at home, have made going out to a restaurant or bar look like an unnecessary expense. The increase in Google searches for words such as fryer, food processor, or easy recipes show users’ interest in socializing with plans at home.

Consumption Habits

Investigating and segmenting the different generations will be important to adapt consumption habits and attract the public again. It is important to highlight the trend of awareness of the environment installed with more force this 2022 and more ethical and responsible consumption.


One thing we know for sure is that the internet will continue to be a necessary part. Internet access in rural areas will gain more prominence. Customer service will be essential to make us stand out, and the network experience is one of the most valuable points for users.

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