OpenAI: The Tool Recognizes Texts From ChatGPT


OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has released a tool to recognize text written by artificial intelligence. This should make the abuse of ChatGPT and Co more difficult in the future. Since the release of the ChatGPT, powered by artificial intelligence, it has been used repeatedly to solve school assignments and final exams. OpenAI is now taking action against this.

ChatGPT: Solution or Problem?

ChatGPT has caused quite a stir since its release in November 2022. Artificial intelligence can access a database of around 175,000,000,000 sources. From this wealth of data, which will be updated until 2021, ChatGPT can find an answer to even the most difficult question that looks confusingly similar to a human one. But ChatGPT is dangerous for Google, teachers, examiners, and entire professional groups. Students could use ChatGPT for exams and homework, and the AI-powered chatbot could even pass academic entrance exams for lawyers and lawyers. Even complex mathematical calculations are no problem for ChatGPT. Whether you see ChatGPT as a solution or a societal problem, OpenAI now serves both sides.

Is ChatGPT Good For Us?

Microsoft Wants To Integrate ChatGPT-4 into Bing In The Next Few Weeks.

OpenAI, the California startup, has announced that it will charge around $20 monthly for ChatGPT. On the one hand, OpenAI wants to get out of the red. The startup is currently making losses, but ChatGPT has been free. On the other hand, paying users should be guaranteed access to ChatGPT Plus at any time. In the free trial version, artificial intelligence is repeatedly overloaded. Microsoft is planning the next step. The software giant recently increased its stake to 49 percent with a $10 billion investment. ChatGPT is currently operated by the AI ​​GPT-3. Microsoft would like to integrate the successor, GPT-4, into its search engine Bing in the next few weeks.

Facebook’s mother Meta Is Planning a ChatGPT Clone.

ChatGPT’s success makes other companies quit. In recent weeks, all companies related to artificial intelligence have scored points on the stock exchange. BuzzFeed has announced that ChatGPT will write its articles in the future. The price of the listed media company has risen by an incredible 200 percent. Facebook mother Meta is now planning its version. While the Metaverse has been used entirely, Mark Zuckerberg now wants to jump on the successful train of artificial intelligence.

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