Ransomware – An Approach Guide For The Entrepreneur


The threat of ransomware type attacks, the result of which is the hijacking of information, is increasingly present. It affects all types of users, due in part to the variety of ways in which this malware can infect its victims and the benefits that the cybercriminal, through extortion, can obtain from them.

If a cyber threat currently holds the highest records for business incidents, that is undoubtedly ransomware, as shown in a 2020 report published.

Ransomware statistics

It is the threat par excellence, which encrypts your information leaving it unrecoverable if you do not agree to pay a ransom to its hijackers or have no specific tool to decrypt it.

Every day, we can read in the news some cases of companies whose activity has stopped as a result of a ransomware attack, and its consequences can be devastating, being able to lose all the essential information of a company, from customers, suppliers, billing, projects, technical documentation, etc.

Currently, ransomware in its different variants is the workhorse that companies must deal with, not only against cybercriminals but also in applying strict security policies among their personnel to avoid these incidents.

To help companies maintain adequate levels of cybersecurity while avoiding the main threats, INCIBE, through Protect your company, offers you “Ransomware: an approach guide for the entrepreneur”.

In this guide, we try to reveal what ransomware is and how to protect yourself from it, approaching it from the perspective of the business environment, aimed at not paralyzing its activity and dealing with possible incidents of this type with the minimum impact in economic terms and time.

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To Identify The Most Relevant Aspects of This Type of Cyber Attacks, This THEME Deals With the Following Questions:

What is ransomware and how does it work ?: to know the enemy, what it does, how it does it and how it can affect us. This is the starting point to avoid being a victim of this type of attack.
How to protect yourself: applying preventive measures to avoid this type of attack. Therefore, this section proposes to follow a series of good practices available to everyone in this section.
How to recover from a ransomware attack: when the attack has occurred, it is essential to know the steps that can be taken so that the damage is as little as possible and to be able to recover regular activity as soon as possible.
Strengthen the most critical link in the chain: good awareness and training on this and other threats is essential to prevent them from occurring.
By following the cybersecurity recommendations indicated in the Thematic ransomware section, you will keep the company’s security safe and avoid incidents that may affect its continuity.

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