Is Shmunguss Category On Netflix Real Or Fake?


Recently on Tiktok there was a video that went viral and so many people had watched and forwarded the video to their friends. It got many likes, shares and comments and got viral in no time. What is in that video? Why are people more interested in that video? Today here in our article let us discuss it clearly without any confusion.

What Is Shmunguss Category On Netflix?

The viral video speaks that Netflix had added one more category to its list called as Shmunguss and also some movies like The Shmunguss King, I married a Shmunguss, Shmunguss Revenge and many more. So many people had commented on that video that it was true or someone spreading fake news. Netflix is a Popular OTT platform which allows its users to watch various Movies and series of different languages. So this new category news has created havoc in Netflix users.

So if anything new about this Netflix platform people will be eager to know it and use them. In recent days we all know that social media is a major source to spread rumors and we cannot decide if they are real or fake without confirming it with other trusted sources. Today let us find out if this Shmunguss category on Netflix is real or not.

Is Shmunguss Real Or Fake?

Many people who believed that video news are confused why this new category is not appearing in their accounts. When we researched about Shmunguss and if it really exists in the Netflix categories list we came to know that there are no categories or movies with the name of Shmunguss. The viral video which is showing this news is fake.

Some people will say that if we use VPN service and access the Netflix then it will show the hidden category called Shmunguss. But when we tried that method it completely failed. There is no Shmunguss category in the Netflix.

Final Say

The people of this generation are spending more time on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok and believing all the news that appeared on these channels. But they had to realize that half the social media is fake and spread rumors and false news. So before doing anything we need to fact check once or twice. @channel.everything is the Tiktok channel that has spread the news about the existence of the Shmunguss category on Netflix. In the end it had become a well planned joke.

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