How To Fix The Error Verizon Sim Card Not Working?

Verizon Sim Card Not Working

Are you looking For the answer to the query Verizon Sim Card Not Working then you are at a correct guide. Here we will explain to you some simple methods to fix the Verizon Sim Card Not Working error. This error is commonly experienced by Verizon subscribers. Sometimes this error will appear even though they have strong network coverage. Both iPhone and android users face this issue. Let’s get into this guide and learn how to fix the issue.

What Is Verizon?

Verizon is one of the largest telecommunication wireless networks in the United states of America. Along with T-Mobile and AT&T Verizon is the popular network that is used by many people across the USA. This company has many towers installed across the country. The main reason for the issue Verizon Sim Card Not Working is improper network connection. If your network is good and even though you are facing the issue then you need to fix this issue by following the methods that we mentioned in this article.

Ways To Fix “Verizon Sim Card Not Working”

Below are some of the cases and fixes that you need to check if you are facing error with the verizon SIM card

Check The SIM Properly.

The first thing you need to do when you are facing the error Verizon Sim Card Not Working is checking your SIM card properly. First remove the SIM from your phone and check if there are any damages. Remove all the dust from the sim and insert it again with proper care. After that check if you are facing the error or not. If the error disappears then you can enjoy your network. If not, look for other fixes.

Check Your Sim Card is Listed Or Not.

This is also one of the main reasons for the error. A SIM card will work only if it is listed in the network’s database. So you have to check if your SIM card is listed or not. Fr that you need to follow the below process

  • Dail *228
  • Select one
  • And wait for sometime to get the SIM listed in the database.

Check If You Have Properly Inserted The SIM.

Some people will insert the SIM card carelessly which results in the network error. So you have to check if the SIM is inserted properly in the provided space or not. If it is good then leave it, if it is not inserted properly then remove it and palace it perfectly so that the error will disappear from your phone.

Check For compatibility of your phone For Verizon.

Sometimes if your device is not compatible with the Verizon network then you will face the error called Verizon Sim Card Not Working. All new phones which are released recently will support the network. But if you are using any older device then you have to check if your Android or iPhone device supports Verizon-enabled and CDMA-activated. So that you can solve the issue.

Check If Your SIM card is activated or not.

If the SIM is not activated then you will face this type of error. So you need to check if your SIM card is activated or not. Normally Verizon sim cards will be active ready at the time of usage. But sometimes they are not active so in those instances you will face errors in the network. You can call the Verizon helpline and activate the SIM card.

Restart Your Phone.

After checking all the above mentioned fixes and still If you are facing the error “Verizon Sim Card Not Working” then you need to restart your device. Sometimes it may work if you restart your device.

Factory Reset Your Mobile Phone

If you have failed to fix the issue even though you have tried all the above steps then the last thing you need to do is factory reset your device. Go to settings and click on factory reset option. If there are any hardware and software issues they may resolve with this process.


So if you are facing the error Verizon Sim Card Not Working on your iPhone or Android phone, you need to go through the above mentioned methods and fix the issue by yourself. Still if you are facing the issue then you need to call the Verizon customer support and resolve the issue by taking the guidance from them. If you know any other fixes then you are free to mention them in the comment section.

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