Six Essential Trends In The Corporate Management Of The New Normality

Corporate Management

After a year as complicated as 2021, organizations are again taking an active role in their recovery, placing their objectives beyond survival to reorient their strategies towards evolution and growth.

This crisis has served to learn to be more agile and flexible, to have a very short-term response capacity during uncertain circumstances, and to be, in short, much more resilient.

Agile Talent To Build An Agile Organization

Looking back at past recessions, one might think that the natural tendency is to lay off workers in these situations. Still, the truth is that companies that continue to make strategic investments in talent emerge stronger in the long run.

An agile workforce capable of executing plans, dealing with new challenges, and working efficiently as a team is essential to stay afloat.

The ability to digitize has empowered those companies that have been able to “virtualize” their employees, operating on flexible shifts. In this way, organizations can attend to urgent and critical projects through new work methods that, in many cases, have improved productivity. For this reason, an agile organization is the best solution in a scenario where it is unknown how and when it will be resolved.

The Importance of Knowing The Current Labour Market Data

Knowledge is power, and, at this time, any information is key to tracing the company’s roadmap in a time of uncertainty in which it isn’t easy to anticipate or design long-term strategies.

Undoubtedly, successfully recovering from the current crisis will require good analytical skills. An organization that bases its strategies on data will be better positioned to understand what damage it may suffer and identify growth opportunities.

Restructuring The Workplace And Its Culture Thanks To Digital Transformation

One thing that all companies have learned during this crisis is that digital transformation is essential for business continuity. Many companies have accelerated this process, providing services to their clients virtually and implementing telecommuting.

This digital transformation will continue to impact workplaces and company culture significantly. Leaders and talent must bet on this change in mentality toward the Digital Mindset.

It is important to consider what training and improvement of work skills will allow your talent to accelerate their step towards digitalization.

HR Technology – A Fundamental Element For Business Continuity

Investing in technology promotes a stable economy in the company, providing an innovative approach to your employer branding. Strengthening the talent experience will be critical in the recovery of normality, both in the gradual return to the office and in those cases in which remote work remains.

HR leaders should continue to invest in technology that helps them increase employee engagement, improve their interpersonal relationships, tackle day-to-day tasks, and take care of their physical and mental well-being. The main tools that companies are betting on, according to our Talent Trends report, are:

  • Analytics tools and dashboards.
  • HR management systems.
  • Training and professional development platforms.
  • Work performance management.

On the other hand, given the demand for specialized talent, greater innovation will be needed in each company’s field of HR, allowing the virtualization of this field and creating positive experiences that guarantee their loyalty.

Hiring And Training – Anticipate Production Increases

Although hiring has generally slowed around the world due to the current economic climate, there is still a high demand for talent in some sectors. Many companies face the challenge of finding the specialized staff they need.

In situations like the one we are experiencing, agility and flexibility are key. As we stated in the webinar “Workforce management in times of crisis”, flexibility should be a priority objective for companies, even above cost efficiency. And that implies having templates adapted to the activity level and introducing elements such as outsourcing or temporary work to multiply flexibility. 

Betting on reskilling plans to expand the versatility of your teams is also a great option that will allow you to optimize your available resources and provide workers with the fundamental tools and skills to build a more versatile and productive team, even if it is less numerous.

On the other hand, training is also important for workforce virtualization. In this environment, skills such as communication, time management and control of certain computer programs are necessary to complete tasks more easily and quickly.

Investing in training wisely can be key to the continuity of your business.

Employer Branding Management In The Short And Long Term

You may think that at this time, you can do without prioritizing the care of your employer branding since the demand for employment is very high, and you may think that you will not lack candidates. However, ensuring that the best talent reaches your company is a need that has never disappeared.

At a critical time like this, the most difficult decisions can negatively impact your company’s reputation, which will undoubtedly affect you in the long term. Each action is highly relevant in these moments of special sensitivity, so you must reinforce your values ​​and take care of the talent experience at all times, especially when the time comes to end the employment relationship.

Strategies such as career transition programs help and support people who have to leave the organization, receiving training and guidance to redirect their future and reduce their unemployment time. With actions of this type, you will not only improve your reputation with potential candidates, but you will also strengthen engagement with your professionals.

The future is very uncertain for everyone, so organizations must harness the power of technology, reskilling, employer branding and agile strategies to strengthen. Now is the time to move your business forward and empower yourself, no matter what the future holds. Don’t wait any longer, and make sure your business is prepared for any situation.

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