Why Start Telecommuting?


A few decades ago, working from home might have seemed like a distant dream. Today is the future of work! The professions tend to turn a little more towards Telecommuting. As more and more companies adopt remote working practices, the advantages they offer are undeniable.

Remote work on the beach is no longer remote work, and it is a complete conception of how we approach the way we work. Here are the benefits and reasons why working from home is increasingly appreciated by both employees and employers.

A Productivity Booster

Studies have confirmed that employees are finding it harder than ever to achieve peak productivity in a traditional office work environment. It is for this reason that companies have developed telework.

According to the State of Work Productivity report, 65% of full-time employees believe a remote work schedule would increase productivity. More than two-thirds of managers reported an increase in the overall productivity of their employees when they distance themselves from their professional worlds.

Working from home improves employee efficiency without the distractions of a traditional office environment. It allows workers to stay longer in the day and accommodate their personal mental and physical wellness needs to maximize productivity.

For example, removing the twenty-minute commute to the office can make all the difference! If you are sick, working from home allows you to recover more quickly without staying in the office. Enough to optimize working time without going back and forth to get to the office.

Perfect For Ecology And General Health

a person spends 60 to 80 minutes on average getting to and from work. To reduce our carbon footprint, working from home is an excellent way for a company to go green and improve the overall well-being of its employees. Everyone knows that many people feel more stressed after traveling on public transport or driving their car. This stress can trigger a pathology that reduces working hours and absenteeism, costing the company dearly.

Same Job Opportunity For People Of All Ages

While life expectancy is increasing and the cost of living is exploding, people over the age of 64 do not have sufficient retirement savings. As a result, many people in this age group choose to delay retirement, while others prefer to work until age 70 to keep their minds busy while continuing to learn.

Telecommuting is an ideal way for this generation to make ends meet without going through the hectic daily life of young 30-year-old executives. It also allows them to attend health check-ups without interfering with their work schedule.

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