Social Selling – A Lever For Your Business Development

A new digital tool has recently emerged: Social Selling or the art of prospecting via social networks to make B-to-B sales. Here are some good practices for understanding Social Selling.

BtoB Sales And Social Networks

75% of prospects are present on social networks. The web has changed the codes in terms of B-to-B sales. And to adapt to a better informed and more demanding clientele, prospecting has become digital.
It is now based on a rich offer of targeted digital content, part of a long-term policy that the company’s sales representatives must implement.
Because if the salesperson specializing in phoning is no longer popular, the salesperson trained in Social Selling is a real asset for a company.

Putting Social Selling Into Practice

While salespeople are the keystone of Social Selling in companies, companies sometimes hesitate to give them specific training on the subject.
According to a study by the Sales Management Association commissioned by LinkedIn, two-thirds of companies have no social media strategy for their sales teams.
However, using Social Selling in a company requires a minimum of knowledge; otherwise, the seller will not be effective and could scare away prospects.

Have Good Training In Social Selling.

To master the art of Social Selling, the salesperson must undergo specialized training to understand that he is no longer simply a salesperson.
On social networks, we don’t just sell; we learn to build relationships. According to a LinkedIn/IDC (International Data Corporation) study, 80% of customers do not want us to sell them something but want advice. The salesperson must therefore become an expert in social networks and the market entrusted to him to provide the answers his prospects request.
For this, the content strategy is effective: post the right content at the right time and for the right target. As 95% of B-to-B buyers choose the seller who has provided them with the most relevant content, it is interesting for a salesperson to consult with marketing department members to refine his branding. A prospect seduced by the right message has a good chance of becoming a customer.

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