Why Deploy A Corporate WIFI Network?

Corporate WIFI Network

Studies reveal that 77% of companies believe WIFI has become a reality that simplifies employees’ lives and increases productivity. But in reality, how does this happen? In this article, we explain why deploying a WIFI network in a company…

WIFI In Business, A Mobility Partner

Amid the digital age, your work environment is becoming digital, and your employees are increasingly mobile. Deploying a WIFI network within your company makes meeting these new mobility needs possible. This will make it easy for your teams to move from their office to a meeting room, for example, without changing their internet connection or, worse, losing it.
It will also be easier for your external partners, customers and other freelancers working on-site to work using your corporate WIFI network.

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The Excellent Ease of Use of a Professional WIFI Network

Unlike a classic connection which requires a whole bunch of cables, a modem… In the context of a corporate WIFI network, all your teams have to do is connect using a simple password. You don’t need to install any software; most current devices have a connection. Plus, you can add as many access points as you need to meet a high number of connections or even your growing needs as your business grows.

Control Your Costs With Business WIFI.

Installing a business WIFI solution requires less infrastructure than a traditional network so it will cost you less. Indeed, by opting for WIFI, you avoid purchasing and installing equipment such as hundreds of meters of cables, several modems, etc. This will also prevent your employees from consuming their data plan at work. If this plan is at your expense, it is an additional saving for you.

Always Stay More Connected Via Your Professional WIFI Network.

Connectivity at work constantly evolves and expands, mainly thanks to connected objects. It is the use of these objects that allows better employee productivity for 21% of companies. Thanks to a corporate WIFI network, the company’s connected devices and objects work together on the same network.

Better Manage The Risks Related To WIFI In Business

This choice of professional WIFI raises security issues, particularly regarding company data. So how can you guarantee the security of this data? We advise you to call on a professional to install and start your wifi solution in business. You can even decide to entrust the maintenance to an expert to maintain optimal security of your network, and this, at all times.

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